back to article iPhone users get more sex than Android fans

When it comes to getting laid, put your Blackberry back in your hip holster and don't get caught touching an Android. The iPhone gets results. iPhone users are getting more sex then their counterparts on RIM or Google devices, with women iPhone users getting more action than their male counterparts. Women iPhone users are …


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  1. Scary

    That's funny

    I'd associate iPhone users with increased sexual activity, just not the type involving a partner...

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Thumb Up

      Yes - a more suitable headline would be...

      iPhone users are the biggest w*nkers. Android and Blackberry users aren't far behind.

    2. Thomas 4

      Another way to look at it to say that iPhone users enjoy getting screwed.

    3. Big_Boomer
      Jobs Horns

      Pants on fire?

      All this proves is that iPoop owners are bigger liars than Androud and Blackbore users.

      Interesting that Symbian users are not listed as we get laid all the time,...... NOT! :)

  2. Anonymous Coward

    More partners != more sex

    a sexual partner is not necessarily a single-use item

    1. Dave 156

      just sluttier

      Exactly. This "study" only shows that though iPhones are at less risk for viruses, their users are at a greater risk.

  3. petur
    Dead Vulture

    Not sure if this is positive or negative

    I wonder what that says about the women who have an iphone?

    But anyway, correlation != causation...

  4. jake Silver badge

    Yeah, sure, right.

    Head for your nearest bookstore or coffee shop or other wifi gathering place.

    The folks more interested in their ::insert mobile device here:: are completely oblivious to the MOTAS in their immediate vicinity.

    It would seem that online interaction, even of a sexual nature, is more important than real, honest-to-gawd/ess physical contact.

    It's sad, really ... The kids who were born of the Nintendo Generation don't actually understand what it's like to have a RealLife[tm] relationship. Poor bastards.

    1. Anonymous Coward

      Is it just me or..

      Jake - "The folks more interested in their ::insert mobile device here::"

      Did you really mean that ?...or is it just me? (don't answer that!)

      1. Sarah Bee (Written by Reg staff)

        Re: Is it just me or..


        I've actually smiled at two comments today. It's a world first.

    2. Thomas 4


      I thought honest-to-gawd physical contact was what this whole sorry argument was about.

  5. awjr
    Paris Hilton

    It good be just showiing off

    An iPhone buyer may be more interested in having a phone they can show off, no matter what the cost ergo they need to up the amount of sex they appear to be having. It's a mental attitude.

    The other phones...realistic individuals who just want a smart phone or have had one forced on them by their company.


    1. VinceH

      Letters, Digits.

      That was my thinking - and one small factor in my thinking it is that, although not all iPhone types I've encountered do this, some do habitually include the 'i' when referring to the device in a way that the generic 'phone' would suffice. (eg, "Let me just grab my iPhone before we go..." or "Poo. I've left my iPhone at home...") - I've yet to hear any user of any other type of phone refer to it by brand when a generic reference would suffice.

      To my mind, that indicates that these particular people do indeed see it as either a fashion item or status symbol at least as much, if not more so, than as a mobile phone - so it doesn't seem a huge stretch to imagine that they might lie about how many sexual partners they've had.

      Especially the blokes - I know, because <checks> yes, I'm a bloke. ;)

  6. Subban

    I suppose...

    it sounds better than more sluts use an iPhone.

    At least I know which phone the wife is NOT getting next upgrade ;)

  7. Lloyd


    My wife has an iPhone and I have a Desire, does this mean she's cheating on me? Should I sue Apple or......

    Should ignore this utterly pointless report which I can't believe you even gave the light of day?

    1. Darryl


      I would guess it would depend on how much Desire your wife has

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    stupid title.

    Could this be because fashion victems consider the iphone a must have ?

  9. Jimmy Floyd
    Thumb Up

    Quality vs quantity

    As an Android convert I was initially deeply offended, but you know what? It's probably true.

    I would also point out that having poor intelligence, blonde hair, big tits and a penchant for Barcardi Breezer will also get you more sex, but those with a bit more nous will realise how disturbingly unsatisfying that sex will be.

    Which is how I feel when I use an iPhone. And dirty.

  10. Andus McCoatover

    Yep, there's an app. for that's called a 'browser'. For surfing pr0n. When you can't get a bit of "how's your father"

    Or, maybe the iPhone's a bit bigger, and when stuffed in a man's trouser pocket...You get the drift.

    Off-topic - what's Gavin doing writing in Lester's undisputed domain (or is Lester busy on a playmobil reconstruction)? Pray do tell!

  11. McMoo

    Girls don't like boys


    Android users are poor. Girls aren't attracted to poor guys.

  12. Patrick O'Reilly
    Paris Hilton

    Different Title

    So what you are telling me is that women with an iPhone do it significantly more than any other category?

    "Spot a chick with an iPhone and you're in!"

    Does Paris have an iPhone?

  13. G C M Roberts

    I think the headline should have been

    "You're more likely to catch a ride to the GUM clinic from an iPhone user," the slags....

  14. Anonymous Coward


    Well I'd say this is pretty obvious, no?

    Blackberry users are too busy checking their work e-mail and Android users are way too busy posting nerd rage comments and dissing the iPhone to find the time to actually have sex with someone.

  15. joylessdave
    Thumb Down

    im sure the title is wrong

    those figures say number of partners not amount of sex

    to me it says that andriod users are better at keeping partners so potentially get more nad are better at it as they can keep them satisifed

    or that iphone users are drunken fools that fall into bed with anyone

  16. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    This makes sense

    So, this basically means that iPhone users are sluts.....yup

  17. Dangermouse 1

    iPhone users are easy

    This data doesn't say iPhone users get more sex, it says that they sleep around more. For all we know, the android people might be at it every night, but with the same person. (Not all of them with the same person, obviously).

    1. Baskitcaise

      Not all of them with the same person, obviously?

      Going by the report could it be the same iPhone person?

      Badgers? well they are easier to get rid of than crab apples.

  18. Les Matthew
    Thumb Up

    Look at it another way

    iPhone users are more likely to catch a dose.

  19. StephenD
    Thumb Down

    Get it right, please

    I know headlines are supposed to grab attention, but they should be accurate too and reflect the data in the article. More partners is not the same as more sex.

  20. EvilGav 1


    Some of the worst statistical analysis i've seen - and that includes the last 13 years of a crap government!!

    Devining a corollary between two disparate pieces of dating and then coming to a conclusion.

    Dr. Snow must be spinning in his grave.

  21. Anonymous Coward

    The implication of this research being...

    ...that women with iPhones are slappers?

    Or is this another implicit reinforcement of the view that Android users have more geek factor (and hence are less likely to be sucessful with the opposite sex)?

    OK, OK I'm going

    (Full disclosure - I'm planning on getting an Android phone and I haven't had any in months)

  22. Ian Hindmarsh


    What a complete and utter load of pointless shite, another illustration of how useless as a race we are coming when someone is paid to produce this drivel.

  23. TimS

    Not quite true...

    More partners != more sex.

    If El Reg is going to rip apart others for repeating dodgy statistics, then maybe start here too.

    Maybe I'm just sensitive because I've got an android....

  24. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    more sexual partners != more sex

    Headline is misleading!

  25. Geoff Campbell Silver badge

    I wonder....

    One thing we do know pretty conclusively is that a lot of people lie when taking surveys, and doubly so when taking surveys about their sex lives, for a whole host of complex reasons.

    So, could it just be that iPhone users lie more than users of other smartphones, perhaps in a desperate effort to fit in with what they see as societal norms? I merely raise the possibility, is all :-)


  26. Sebastian Brosig
    Thumb Down

    wrong metric

    "number of partners" is a bad metric. I (have a company WinMobile device, that should score negative in sexiness) have only a small number of partners on the scale of the plots (2 in fact).

    But i get laid lots. Why waste time flashing your sexy smartphone around in the search of new partners? Why waste time playing with a smartphone's touchscreen where you could be playing with your partner's touch-sensitive areas?

  27. LuMan

    12!! Is that all?!?

    Obviously they don't hang around the same night-clubs as I did....., where's the rash cream...

  28. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    So iPhone users are sluts?

    I can live with that.

  29. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Jesus H Christ

    We humans really are a bunch of air-headed losers....

  30. Raumkraut

    Bunch of iSluts

    It doesn't say anything about the amount of rumpy-pumpy actually going on, just the amount of sleeping around (and perhaps prostitute use).

    What that graph actually tells you is that Android users are more faithful than those with iPhones.

  31. Anonymous Coward
    Jobs Horns

    Official: iPhone users are more likely to get a virus.

    Looks more like a survey of promescuity rather than activity.

    Perhaps: iPhone responsible for more break ups!

    1. Miek


      Apple users are immune to viral threats -- or so they keep asserting, much to my amusement.

  32. 3

    Another advert for OKCupid oh Joy

    Another advert for OKCupid oh Joy

  33. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Load of crap

    Surely total number of partners isn't relevant? Most of these phones have only been around for a couple of years and how many people bought their phone last week??

    You could apply it to anything - models of car, models of fridge freezer, anything.

  34. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Yes yes

    We all know how accurate statistics about how much one is getting are.

    I for one am getting it twice a night 7 nights a week.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Paris Hilton

      Please go on

      And how often is your spouse getting it, if you don't mind my asking?

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        You'll have to check

        with your mother.

        1. Andus McCoatover

          ..and his/her mother said...


    2. Andus McCoatover

      No, No, AC!!!

      And how often is your husband getting it?

    3. Andus McCoatover

      Yes yes!!

      "Beat" you. I used to get it twice at night, and once in the morning!

      (As long as she was at work doing nightshift, natch. Sadly, no-one else involved.)

      Icon 'Epic Fail and no messing'??? No messing?? Maybe I chose the wrong icon...

  35. Andrew the Invertebrate

    So regular Appletard behaviour

    Always chasing after the next "shiny new thing" as it's advertised as being so much better than the last "shiny new thing". Phones, people - the target hardware might change the mental processing doesn't.

  36. Chris Miller
    Thumb Down

    Where to start?

    I realise that this is just some marketing puffery for an Internet dating site and not some peer-reviewed sociological research, but even so ...

    1) This is based on users of said site, hardly a representative sample.

    2) The headline should read: iPhone users (claim to) have more sexual *partners* - which may or may not equate to more sex.

    3) And is based on number of partners by age 30 - whereas ownership of an iPhone can't possibly have extended over more than 3 years, and given the rate at which sales have been increasing, I'd guess the average is more like 12 months.

    The only remarkable thing is that women are reporting more sexual partners than men, whereas almost every serious study shows the reverse result. Possibly this indicates tat the women who sign up for such sites are even more weird than the men that do ...

    1. Sarah Bee (Written by Reg staff)

      Re: Where to start?

      Wow, this has really got you all going, hasn't it?

      1. Chris Miller

        Hardly surprising

        It has the word 'sex' in the title, after all.

      2. Geoff Campbell Silver badge
        Thumb Up

        Sex combined with dodgy statistics?

        Irrisistible. I for one couldn't keep my hands off it. As it were.


        1. Thomas 4

          Only to be expected

          An article with sex, potential flame wars and trolling is an ideal place for an El Reg commenter to display his wit. Or half of it.

      3. Michael H.F. Wilkinson Silver badge

        It has ...

        got us going.


        And here me with my battered old Sony-Ericsson

    2. Chris 35
      Thumb Up

      RE: Where to start?

      I was going to say exactly the same thing that you did in point 3.

      How can they correlate it with owning an iPhone unless they travelled back in time and started handing them out in 1996?

  37. Uwe Dippel

    In the end, I guess,

    iPhone users are more faithful. Though to one thing only.

    Mine's the one with the pocket welded shut.

  38. Anonymous Coward


    Seriously WTF?

    Who fills in this bullshit.

    Ok people fill in this questionaire.

    Are you over 30?

    If yes are you a Virgin?

    If yes...Ha ha ha ha haaa you sad lonely wanker!

    If NO, are you a hottie (get the boys / girls) or an ugly sad bastard (who get the 2am'ers once a year)?

    Me I have had 200,000 sexual partners, a mixture of Air hostesses, models, pop stars and famous film actresses with the ocassional cheerleader and gymast thrown in. Guess that's becuase I have neither a ihype or an Andull.

  39. Steve Adams

    iPhone users are easy....?

    .... due to their non-discrimination and low standards.... clearly they are willing to accept parners despite fundamental and critical flaws.

    They think they have a deep and meaningful relationship with a truly commited partner... yet the painful truth is that they have formed an unhealthy attachment to an abusive & manipulative dominator.. who undermines their freedom whilst creating a dependence in order to provide a false sense of self worth.

    Whereas.... my Android phone really does love me unconditionally.... as do Google..... only got my best interests at heart.

  40. eugene

    tsk tsk

    sooo... iphone users are more faithful to their phones than their partners?

  41. Cian Duffy

    inherent user-related reasons here methinks...

    The user profile of these devices in the (IT) firm I work in would probably corroborate this - the more technical people who'd be stereotypically getting less anyway would be the main Android users, and the blondes in accounts and "morkeshing" all use iPhones...

  42. Pete 2 Silver badge

    what sort?

    is it like the tasking capabilities: multi or single?

  43. Gene Poole

    That should jack the sales up

    Coat acquiisition under way.

  44. Rob Quinn


    I think the fact that iPhone users screw more probably has more to do with good looking fashion victim types buying the fashion statement who tend to get laid more than your average geek who wouldn't step foot in a night club if you poked them with a sharp stick, after all geeks aren't well known to be the "pretty" types.

    Beers, cost everyone looks good after 10 pints.

  45. Anonymous Coward

    iPhone users get more sex than Android fans

    shouldn't that be "iPhone users have more sexual partners than Android fans"?

    There is quite a difference. Just because you sleep around, doesn't mean you get /more/ sex than some one who has /only/ had a couple of stable long term relationships, it just means you get sex with more people.

    In my opinion, a better headline would have been "iPhone users put it about" but that's just my opinion.

    {from an iPhone owner}

  46. Thomas 4

    Before any Apple fans get carried away....

    It's worth remembering that iPhone's are much more prevalent than Blackberries and Android devices and I'd be willing to bet that you could insert any statement and find that iPhone users get XYZ more than Android users *purely because there are more of them*.

    "iPhone users steal more things than Android users"

    "iPhone users indulge in necrophilia more often than Blackberry users"

    1. Anonymous Coward

      @Before any Apple fans get carried away...


      "iPhone users indulge in necrophilia more often than Blackberry users"

      Hmmm I don't know have you seen some of the corporate stiffs (pun intended!) with their crackberries? They died years ago but the Blackberry didn't receive that email...

      Anyway back to the topic: If some lass at the bar start’s yapping on about how she has an Android phone i would back away as rapidly as I could without making any large movements!

      Yep, yep I shall indeed grab my coat under a hail of abuse "sexist pig" etc..

  47. Tom7

    Well, not quite...

    More sexual partners is not quite the same thing as more sex, is it?

  48. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    maybe because porn is banned on the iPhone: users are forced to seek their sexual gratification in the real world!

  49. Hugh Pumphrey
    Paris Hilton

    Logical inconsistency

    More partners != more sex. Maybe all those iPhone users get through so many partners because those partners quickly get fed up with their iPhones users playing with their iPhones when they coould have been having sex.

    Paris, because ... well, surely I don't have to spell it out.

  50. Nic 3
    Thumb Up

    Fetches popcorn

    sits back and waits for the flames.

    Seriously though. I a 30ish iPhone user and I can't remember what sex is! That's marriage and young kids for you :(

    1. Graham Wood

      More Popcorn!

      I a 30ish android user and I can't remember what sex is! That's marriage and a young kid for you :(

    2. Andus McCoatover
      Thumb Up

      I'm with you on that, mate!

      Even my right hand's packed its bags in search of a new 'partner'. At the moment, all it's good for is to wipe my nose and pick my ass. Or something similar...

  51. JasonW

    Of course...

    ... since the iPhone is a recent thing, it's more likely that cheap sluts buy iPhones.

    Mines the one with the Statistics for Dummies in the pocket

  52. Anonymous Coward
    Jobs Horns

    It's possibly true

    But only if they count being boned in the ass by a black turtle-neck wearing sociopath as 'sex'.

  53. S Larti

    No stats on guys with elderly Nokias then?

    Thank God I do have a proper SLR, he says flexing his 300mm zoom.

  54. Anonymous Coward

    Crap survey

    It doesn't seem to suggest the users had the tallied sexual partners since acquiring their devices. Just a running total.

    Maybe it's more appropriate to suggest women who own an iPhone are historically 'loose' and men who have one are dogs or liars (most likely the latter) ;0)

  55. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    I'd love to see the results if they did the same "number crunching" on Plenty of Fish (which is essentially the chav version of OK cupid and did the survey on 20 year olds.

  56. Barry Tabrah

    Does more partners really mean more sex?

    Doesn't it just mean that iPhone users are more likely to sleep around than Android users? This seems like a statistical misinterpretation to me.

  57. Dazed and Confused

    attractiveness stats

    It is more likely that people who own an SLR camera are more interested in taking photographs and have a better appreciation of what is likely to make you look more attractive in a photo than the average camera phone or point&shoot user.

  58. Lunatik

    Number of sexual partners != Frequency of hawt lovemaking sessions

    Surely all these figures prove is that iPhone users are the biggest slags and Android users are less likely to give you the clap?

  59. Trevor 3


    iphone owning lady girls are sluts. at 12:10 they are sharing men, but it doesn't say that if it's in the same session or not.

    Also it doesn't say what phone their partners had. I'm guessing they slept with people with an android phone so they had enough signal to call for a taxi afterwards.

    With 12 sexual partners for ladies owning iphones, you could never accuse them of holding it wrong could you?

    I actually believe that its because iphones have enough of a market to reflect societies average partners. I'm not sure what figure that is though so I might be wrong. Someone on here is bound to know though.

  60. Tiberius
    Paris Hilton


    Is this the result of well-known syndrome "Apple Onanism"? I'm assuming that "multiple partners" can refer to both Mr Left-hand and Mr Right-hand?

    Paris?.... just because

  61. Doug Glass


    With each other so you really have to cut the numbers in half to be realistic. Maybe cut them to 1/3 or 1/4 since you really can't include "self" modes: (self)gratification and (self)flagellation.

  62. Tigra 07


    Maybe iphone users are more likely to pay for it?

    On a similar note, isn't Grindr wonderful ;-]

  63. Anonymous Coward


    The "study", if we can call it that, measured the number of sexual partners NOT the frequency of sexual activity. More serious studies have shown that people in couples get more action than singles - if we can assume a certain delay between rupture with one partner and finding another then the more partners you've had, the less time you've spent in a relationship and thus the less sex you've had !! So the "study" would seem to show the opposite of what you suggest.

    If anything this study shows that single women with iPhones on dating sites are more likely to drop their knickers and could thus be described as more slutty.

  64. Roger Stenning


    Are we going to see a new acronym cropping up...

    STI now meaning "Sexually Transmitted iPhone", perhaps?

    Ahem. I'll get me coat ;-)

  65. halms
    Thumb Down

    stupid report

    its reports like this that makes android users hates iphone users more.

  66. Anonymous John

    Does this explain

    the surprisingly persistent residue on Android phones?

    Mine's the dirty mac with tissues in the pocket.

  67. Anonymous Coward

    sexual orientation & STD's

    They should run another survey for Sexual orientation & STD's contracted by smartphone users.

    Who'd look clever then, eh?


  68. Piro Silver badge

    How about Windows Mobile?

    I have an htc magic (android) handset, and my girlfriend has an htc touch pro 2.

    Surely Windows Mobile makes you even less hip than android.

    Crock of shit, if you ask me

  69. Shady
    Thumb Up

    Sexual devices...

    Surely they should be renamed the iPoke, RIMmed and Dildoid?

  70. TeeCee Gold badge

    iPhone users screw around more?

    There's the clap for that!

  71. The Other Steve

    Just one of the many fringe benefits ...

    ... of being part of that selfish elite.

    I mean, you probably chose android for one of the popular reasons, viz :

    Financial : You are poor

    Ideological : You are tedious

    You want to be able to SSH into your servers : You are REALLY fucking tedious

    None of which are particularly attractive qualities when it comes to getting your end away, eh ?

    1. Sarah Bee (Written by Reg staff)

      Re: Just one of the many fringe benefits ...


    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      I note, good sir

      Your use of the world "elite". You may despise us but you have the courtesy to acknowledge that we are your superiors.

    3. Anonymous Coward


      Get back to re-gelling your hair or applying moisturiser..

      It kinda creeps me out that any apple user reads the 'reg, but hey, it's a free world..

  72. Anonymous Coward

    ...but there IS an app for it!

    Just read this with interest to see if anyone has commented on it already.

    There are iPhone apps in the app store that let you find other iPhone users near you who are looking for an "encounter". Theres at least 2 or 3 which all share the concept of a thumbnail gallery of people's photos, in order of increasing distance and you're able to start instant message conversations with anyone.

    I believe similar services/apps are being rolled out for Blackberry, WinMo and Android but iPhone was definitely the developer's priority and everyone i've gone to "share a coffee" with while out and about, through using the app has indeed been an iPhone user!

    Anon, in case you might find me using the app!

  73. Jess
    Paris Hilton

    Rule of three

    Does this survey take it into account?

  74. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    mental illness

    Have huge amounts of lead entered the UK water system?

    Brain damaged or what?

    For a second I thought this b*llshit was spouted by phones4u again. No, it's OKCupid. I see. So you've just wasted 5 mins of my life on article thats pure crap.

    Cheers, El Reg!

    1. Anonymous Coward


      Why do you let your obvious feelings of inferiority towards us British get the better of you so often?

      You really are a pathetic little attempt at a man, aren't you?

    2. Maryland, USA

      Don't blame Reg; they got it from CNET (USA)

      And CNET drew the same asinine conclusion:

      "Study: iPhone grippers have more sex than Android clutchers"

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: Don't blame Reg; they got it from CNET (USA)

        No we didn't!

        The source for this silly survey released in the silly season is OK Cupid, not CNET.

        1. Maryland, USA
          Thumb Down

          Then you independently parrotted CNET's and OK Cupid's' unfounded inference?

          that more partners = more sex? Though CNET readers had pointed out the fallacy? The more's the shame.

  75. Jimboom

    And who do you believe

    Or perhaps it's more of a case of Iphone users are more willing to "say" they have sex more regularly because in actual fact they are sad, lonely fanboys. Whereas Android users don't give 2 hoots about some report and just tell the truth.

  76. Rhiakath Flanders
    Paris Hilton

    Then again...

    Maybe what this means is, if you have an iPhone, you spend so much time playing with it, that you can only have one night affairs. Lots of them. He/she dumps you right after, when , instead of cuddling with him/her, you grab your iPhone.

    An android user, on the other hand, gets to keep his/her sexual partner. And still bang a lot. But with the same person :)

  77. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up

    If not having an iPhone means not getting laid then

    I for one consider it a bargain.

  78. Lottie


    My line manager keeps on about her iPhone and how it's wonderful etc, trying to get me to justify my Android.

    Dear LM, you are officially sluttier than me.

  79. NightFox

    Hold on

    Only problem is the iPhone 4 owners have to grip it in a special way or no result.

  80. Jon Massey

    Not an SLR

    The Panasonic Lumix micro-4/3 cameras may be inter-changeable lens but they are not Single Lens Reflex.

    1. NightFox

      Thanks for that.

      Bet you don't even get laid as much as a Blackberry owner

  81. Anonymous Coward

    10 sexual partners for men with an iPhone.

    You could sleep with 10 prostitutes for the price of an iPhone 4 on contract.

    Granted, for that money the women wouldn't be too "fresh". You'd probably have to do it on a dirty mattress while her prospective clients watched, shooting up heroin and whipping you with a length of surgical tubing.

  82. Anonymous Coward


    so what about Symbian?

  83. David

    Probably Better If

    they said that peolpe who sleep around more also tend to blindly follow fashions.

    I bet about 50% of the "partners" were had before the iPhone came out.

    I had an iPhone, got very little, then got an HTC Hero and got a lot more. Mind you that may have been sympathy sex. I've since replaced it for a Nokia and am still getting plenty :)

  84. CmdrX3
    Jobs Horns

    Hmmmmm - What was the question they asked?

    Marketeer: Excuse me Madam! I notice you are using an iPhone. If you don't mind me asking you this question, have you have been screwed by Steve Jobs?

    Madam: Yes!!!

  85. J Lewter

    Another Title for this research....

    "Non-Apple Smartphone users can find stable relationships"

  86. NX1977

    what say about their partners?

    If the select their partners based on having an iPhone or not?

    I worry for the future gene pool of humanity, I really do!

  87. Michael H.F. Wilkinson Silver badge

    And then of course

    87.3 % of all statistics are made up!

  88. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    I swapped my old iPhone 3G for an Android last year so does that now mean I'm finally settling down?

    In any case, I've had more phones than iPhone girls have had guys.

    Just need to add up my Nokia's, Motorolas, Ericssons, Sony Ericssons, iPhones and Androids together and you might be able to work out just how much sex I've had.

  89. Anonymous Coward

    Playmobil construction...

    or this survey never took place!

  90. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    Can any useful info be gleaned from this? Why, yes...

    That's an interesting chart, but I'm not sure what it means. While the difference appears to be statistically significant, it's possible to draw differing conclusions...

    Since the chart indicates number of sexual partners, and not necessarily frequency, it's not necessarily a metric for who's getting laid most often, but more cloesly related to who's more likely to give it up on short notice.

    So will buying a iPhone help get you laid? Perhaps not. While it does have it's appeal as a status symbol in some circles, it will probably take more than that to close the deal.

    It's a known quantity that iPhones are popular with people who find trendy stuff important, and Androids are popular with geeky types, so I'm sure that skews the result... the trendy types are most likely more into going out and being social, and thus collecting more conquests...

    Or perhaps hos just prefer iPhones...

    But one bit of useful info can be gleaned - as closing time is approaching and it's time to make that last ditch effort, look for the skank tying to drunk dial on her iPhone...

  91. Station Grey


    It does seem a little odd that the gadget users that have most sexual partners are Panasonic SLR owners... especially considering Panasonic don't actually make any SLRs.

  92. Jon 52
    Jobs Horns

    new model

    It's obvious Iphone users have to get the latest shiney model as soon as it comes out, if its 3 months old it is past it. If it apllies to phones it applies to partners.

  93. Franklin
    Thumb Up

    The article may be a load of bollocks...

    ...but the comments are a fascinating sociological study in contemporary attitudes about sex, complete with the requisite slut-shaming, assumptions about fidelity, and speculation about partner selection criteria.

    The original OK Cupid correlation is utterly worthless, but the comments here are pure anthropological gold.

  94. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Number of partners

    Um...current...or total? If current, that’s a little high. If total, those are some depressingly low numbers. Especially by 30.

  95. justkyle


    There *IS* an app for that

  96. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    Wrong conclusion

    All this study really shows is that iPhone users are more enthusiastic imbibers down at the pub...

  97. David Pickering
    Thumb Up

    good job

    fanning the fanboi/hateboi flames there.. if you were of a simplistic persuasion, you might read it that by not having an iphone you're somehow missing out...

  98. bugalugs
    Paris Hilton

    don't diss Panasonic

    I have owned a Panasonic XB70 for 11 years.

    During which time I have had sex 4,685,237

    ( approx., give or take a few powers of 10 ) times.

    ALL originating from 1,

    repeat 1,

    INCOMING call.

    Cost ZERO.

    And the vibrator still works when nothing else will !

    Paris because she wants one too...

  99. Jean-Paul

    This is hilarious

    Even now the hurds of tinkering nerds are looking at ways to put down the iPhone...Maybe if they focus on their own pathetic lives and stop tinkering they realise there is a world out there ;-)

  100. Anonymous Coward
    Jobs Horns

    Put down an iPhone?

    Jean-Paul - You appear to have a light grasp on the concept, old boy...

    Here's how you put down an iPhone...

    Place it on the floor

    Remove your hand,

    then take a mallet to the damn thing.


  101. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    With their hand.......

  102. Anonymous Coward

    Android users get laid, there is an App for that

    Hi, as an answer to this crazy claim there is now an app for Android only, called GetLaid:-)

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