back to article Quake Live shoots out of beta with a charge

Quake Live id Software's free online First Person Shooter for PC, Mac and Linux, has introduced two payment plans to raise revenue and keep the game afloat. Quake Live Since February 2009, Quake Live has been available free as open beta, partially funded by advertising. It soon became clear that this did not cover costs, …


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  1. irish donkey

    There is a lot of bitchin about the introduction of charges

    A lot of users moaning about why should we pay to play when we contribute time and code to the map development for free.

    Judging by the comments there must be a lot of people out there developing Maps for Quake3...... either that or just freeloaders bitchin' about getting fleeced

    But who really thought the free ride was going to go on forever.

    The charges seem to be reasonable but the model a little strange. Pay a monthly charge but you must pay it annually.

  2. Pirate Dave


    now that Quake Live has shipped, perhaps the brains at id software could go help the 3d realms guys finish DukeNukem Forever.

  3. SMFSubtlety

    @Pirate Dave

    Duke Nukem is never coming out.... that is part of the joke.

    Duke Nukem "it's gonna take" Forever

  4. Skrrp
    Thumb Up


    Thanks for reminding me of this.

    Tested it out on my 600Mhz netbook and with the game data directory farmed off onto the SD card it installs and runs fine.

  5. Graham Lockley

    Looks good to me

    Now all I need is the ability to stay alive for more than ten seconds.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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