back to article FalconStor may have morale problem

The Reg' has been told by reputable people familiar with FalconStor that staff are leaving and both morale and confidence in senior management is very low. FalconStor says nothing untoward is happening at all and that it's successfully refocussing the company towards increased sales of branded products through the channel. …


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  1. Brian Shillair

    My Morale is still high!

    I handle the FalconStor account at CDW and CDW just had their best FalconStor quarter, ever! FalconStor CDP is tremendous technology, they have data progression in their NSS line, they can make any SAN faster with their NSS SAN Accelerator, I believe they still have the fastest deduplication solution on the planet (multi-node VTL-SIR cluster), and their FDS has everything a customer could want in a NAS based deduplication appliance.

    I'm pretty sure the senior architect that resigned in CO and the sales engineer that resigned in Denver is the same person. Greg Doherty is a friend of mine and he decided to accept a job with Fusion-IO. Flash Memory technology is sexy right now and he gets to focus on their OEM relationships, which is just like the old FalconStor model.

    I can only speak for myself, but I love working with FalconStor (as you can tell by my blog at

    1. salesrep

      yeah right

      As a former sales rep with Falc I only say YEAH RIGHT

      have you met the person in charge of the sales organization? please....

      1. Brian Shillair

        Hi Magrish

        Don't hate Wendy because FalconStor was too challenging for you.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Too True!

    It is nice that senior management has stuck together for so long and kept their team in place. The only problem is that the executive team lacks the skills to lead a publicly traded company. The VP Sales is a former inside rep (no advanced degrees or training), the CTO and VP Eng are friends of the CEO, again no management skills. Major projects are outsourced to the CEO's friends and families in China. (ever see a splash screen in Chinese from a US company?)

    It is nice that the CDW consultant is making some money, but that doesn't hold true for most partners, distributors or even reps. There is serious in-fighting in the ranks, lack of clear organizational boundaries, no adherence to industry standards and harassment is commonplace.

    I'm sad to say that it is very enjoyable to watch so many employees leave for competitors and management simply sends an email telling the remaining employees that morale is still high and money will be made. Take that to the investors!

    Keeping a nearly 50% turnover rate is really hard. Falconstor is able to hit the number, though!

    Give me a week and you can add 1 more to the departure list (to a competitor, none the less!).

  3. FalcSlave

    Root cause analysis is necessary

    '“…too challenging for you” a typical senior management answer to a problem at FalconStor. The only challenge is dealing with the daily harassment by one's superiors.

    I really wish someone at FalconStor would wake up and realize that nepotism is not a way to run a company. There is no easy way to fire your brother for incompetence. Employ family members after they were fired from their previous job probably is not a good idea either. But perhaps the foremost mistake is making them part of senior management. Ohhhhh, it just became clear why you think the moral is high. One, big, happy, family.

    And of course you and the senior management will say that there is no problem. You are sitting on bloated salaries, preferred stock and employment contracts all made from blood, sweat and tears of the people below you. So when it doesn’t go your way, you terminate, reshuffle and push the blame down. So, do you sleep better at night?

    I feel sorry for the few hard working souls that relentlessly believe in the company and the product just to have their aspiration destroyed by the ineptitude of the senior management.

    FalconStor product line is still the best, but without the right leadership it will fail. There really is no need for the competitors to say anything negative about FalconStor. They just need to wait.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Morale can you comment on the morale when you are not an employee. From what i have been told you are a service provider. Do you think a salesperson is not going to put their own spin on morale to an outsider.

    As for morale, it was horrible when I was there I cannot image that is it any better now. Especially with those getting let go or quitting. I would have to believe that everyone is polishing up their resume! If not they should be.

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