back to article Avira owns up to BitDefender Trojan false alarm

German security firm Avira has admitted it falsely warned that a beta version of an upcoming security package from its Romanian rival was contaminated with a Trojan. Few users outside the testing community would be running Avira and BitDefender 2011 beta 4 at the same time, so the incident is notable only as providing an …


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  1. JcRabbit

    Portuguese Blog?

    Whatever language that blog is in, it certainly isn't Portuguese.

  2. WhiteHat_PT

    Not Portuguese blog

    Hi guys. It's an italian blog.


    1. jshombre


      I can read Italian and it's definitely not that. Google Translate appears to agree that the language is Romanian.

  3. jshombre


    Looks more like Romanian to me.

  4. the bat


    you're correct it is a Romanian outfit. One of the most troublesome apps when it to comes removing.

  5. Anonymous Coward


    the dev center for Avira is also located in Romania.

  6. Anonymous Coward

    Nothing new... should never run 2 av's on a system for this very sort reason, that and when they detect each others quaratined virus files.. Thought that was standard knowledge

  7. Mako

    That's given me an awsome idea...

    Take a modern, high-spec machine, put Windows 7 on it, and then load up every single piece of AV software you can get your hands on, (especially the kind that has on-access protection).

    Get em all running, and then see if the machine has enough resources left over to open an instance of Notepad.

    Have a dustpan and brush ready to clean up the smoking ruins.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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