back to article Skype: Fear and loathing in Cupertino, Mountain View

Skype’s IPO has revealed some interesting nuggets about the voice network provider’s intentions and fears as it looks to make an initial public offering of its shares. Chief among them are its decision to ditch MySpace and expressions of concern about Google and Apple. “We believe that users that have registered through …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    don't ditch myspace, provide a service with AES 1024 or 16k Keys! Tell snooping to take a hike.

  2. Dave N

    what comes around goes around

    don't really feel sorry for Skype, they've dicked around for years and kept their API closed. no sympathy.

  3. bygjohn

    Well they could try actually competing...

    So they're worried about FaceTime on the iPhone: why not try competing with it then?

    At the moment the field is wide open on iOS devices as FaceTime only works between iPhone4s. Fring managed to add video calling to their app within weeks of iOS4 and iPhone4 coming out, which worked with Skype until Skype blocked it. Yet Skype's own app still doesn't do video calls.

    If they pulled their finger out they could have the market for cross-platform, multi-device video calling stitched up. Meanwhile all they do is fret. Pathetic.

  4. John 62


    MySpace in the UK is now pretty much synonymous with bands. it's all myspace slash indie_band_name. all the cool kids use FaceBook.

    1. paulf
      Thumb Up

      Jon Holmes on BBC 6Music

      "Band I found on My Space, or..."

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