back to article DARPA awards $76.6m supercomputer challenge

If you were thinking about entering the US Defense Advanced Research Project Agency's ExtremeScale supercomputing challenge issued in March, you missed your chance. DARPA's awarded grants to four design teams, plus another that'll run benchmarks on the HPC prototypes. The heavy hitters in the HPC community as well as in …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    IBM and HP? not x86

    If you look at where IBM and HP are going its x86 server racks, focus on ops/watt, cost. this stuff is too niche.

  2. Anonymous Coward

    Please tell me

    Georgia Institute of Technology uses a short form closer that used by their California cousins and not their Massachusetts brethren. Lets face it, "tested by Geotech" sounds much better than "tested by GIT".

    1. Munchausen's proxy

      Georgia Tech

      Is their commonly used name, immortalized in their football song: "I'm a rambling wreck from Georgia Tech, and a hell of an engineer."

  3. Dale 3

    24 inches by 78 inches by 40 inches

    Pah! Show me petaflops performance in 1U of rack space. Now that would be impressive.

  4. John Smith 19 Gold badge

    I know why SGI did'nt get a lookin

    Someone stole their MoJo.

    You can guess what DVD's in the pocket.

  5. perlcat

    I know where Larrabee is...

    Hiding in either a bus station locker, or in a mailbox. Pretty soon agent 86 will spot him.

  6. the bat
    Thumb Up

    Hmm one step closer

    One step closer to getting a system for the Area 51 spaceship!

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