back to article RIM lights a candle for the BlackBerry Torch

RIM's BlackBerry Torch 9800 smartphone makes its debut today, initially as an AT&T exclusive, and it takes the company squarely into iPhone territory. BlackBerry Torch 9800 smartphone This makes the 9800 very big deal for RIM, the Canadian master of smartphones for the enterprise which somehow, picked up a big consumer …


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  1. Daniel B.

    Looks like they were hearing us after all

    My biggest complaint with smartphone manufacturers is that they were sticking either to the Blackberry form factor (QWERTY but no touchscreen) or the iPhone form factor (big-ass touchscreen, but no QWERTY). Other than the Palm Pre, most phones were one or the other, except for Nokia. But BlackBerry had not taken this route ... it seems thaqt if has finally dawned on them that some of us want both features. Alas, they have listened!

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Or phones from

      or Android phones from HTC, Moto and Samsung, plus assorted WinMo phones. Yeah the market for for touchscreen+qwerty phones has been totally ignored by everyone damn them!

      Wait, is Apple everyone?

  2. Anonymous Coward


    can't use it in UAE, Saudi... ?

    I think it should be banned for use by most foreign governments - don't want the Canadian and US spy agencies having access to our data that easily.

    Can you imagine the ourcry if Steve Jobs had all iPhone emails going via the Apple HQ ?

    1. Mr Atoz
      Thumb Down

      Canadian Spy Agency?

      US spy agency maybe but Canadian? The UAE position on banning Blackberry because they use Relay servers based in other countries is primitive and oppressive. It is the UAE that want to monitor the traffic themselves so they can spy on their own people, that is the issue!

  3. Phil Rigby


    Very good point. The anti-apple people on this forum alone would be having an aneurism.

  4. Colin Hillier

    Can't wait to see this bomb...

    ...after the first reviews.

    Reports are coming in the already that the UI is laggy. If RIM had any concept of usability, they'd have done it in their previous incarnations...

  5. Anonymous Coward

    Torch and WebKit

    Thank you for reminding me that RIM bought up Torch Mobile and thus effectively denied users of other phones the chance of ever having a good functioning browser based on WebKit ever again.

    Yes, there are browsers that use WebKit, but they're server based and the browser is basically a thin client, and last I checked they never pass the ACID3 test. And that my only choice now is Opera whose Presto engine is slow and memory-hungry even though it passes the ACID3 test with flying colors.

    I'll go slink off to the corner and sob now.

  6. JaitcH

    Maybe last to market but they used the the time wisely

    Just the same old, same old ... topically Canadian.

    The same old form factor that everyone is used to; the same old keyboard that everyone is used to ... the same old slippers that so many are comfortable with.

    Clever, RIM.

    And such s short promotion time-line; no razzmatazz, no pumping up only to deliver a product in progress.

    And so Canadian ... just getting the job done right first time.

  7. Diccon

    Why oh why oh why . . .

    . . . couldn't they have put a higher resolution screen on it?

    My 2 yr old Bold 9000 has 480x320 which is only 40px less in one dimension - and it's physically much smaller.

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up


    Great looking phone, can't wait until this comes to blighty. But honestly 200MB plan? I pay £10 / month for my blackberry that is no longer under contract and receive unlimited data, and I can certainly pump a lot of data over a 3G connection

  9. simon 43

    must contain

    Nooooo... we wanted a sideways slideout keyboard and a landscape screen...

    I suppose this is a small step in the right direction, I guess we'll only have to wait another few Years to wait until they get it right.

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