back to article Google enables (some) multiple account sign-ins

Google is rolling out the much hoped-for capability of being able to sign into multiple accounts in the same browser. According to a post on the unofficial Google Operating System blog, a Multiple Sign-In option is beginning to appear in the Personal Settings area of your Google Accounts page — and if it's not there yet (ours …


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  1. rahul
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    Android has it already

    Android 2.1 has multiple account capabilities; and it works well for the most part. One minor irritant is that every time you save a contact, it asks you which account you would like to save it to.

  2. The Vociferous Time Waster
    Big Brother

    Bold move

    Nice one, Google! Take the desire to link together all those disparate accounts and all that anonymous data and then dress the whole thing up as a 'feature' so everyone is clamouring to give you more information about themselves. Oh look, that student who no longer uses their account is now this unemployed person looking for work as

    1. D@v3

      i see your point, and i really really do, but...

      I have three gmail accounts and it would be really handy to be able to have access to them all at the same time, and not have to log out of my main one, every time i want to check one of the others.

      incidentally, it doesn't appear to be working. after clicking on the

      Go to the multiple sign-in settings page.

      link, i was given

      The page you requested is invalid.

      maybe later?

  3. Anonymous Coward
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    Another much-hoped-for capability in Gmail...

    ... is the option to turn off Conversations. This seems to have been a complete blind spot for Google over the years, quite reminiscent of the old IBM, and current Apple, view that "WE know what you want, and you don't."

    Rumour had it two months ago that this option might be provided in a couple of months' time...

  4. Sarah Davis

    Hoorah !! (finally) - Do'h

    great idea, about time, and typically doesn't work, the link "Go to the multiple sign-in settings page." takes you to a page whic says "The page you requested is invalid."

    good reporting, sound article

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