back to article Sage walks away from TeamSystem bid

Sage is reportedly not bidding for Italian business management firm TeamSystem, after it mulled putting in a £542m (€650m) offer for the company last week. Sources told the Financial Times late on Friday that no bid was put forward for TeamSystem, which is being sold by private equity outfit Bain Capital, following due …


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  1. Daniel 1

    Sage has it's own takeover concerns

    As you reported last Thursday... Hitachi are still sniffing around the European IT Managed Solutions market.

    In this economy, it's best not to make any big investments while you, yourself, are sitting in someone else's acquisitions-sights. It's always a nasty situation to be in, because even if you're not acquired, the market often goes off on some speculation-tangent about WHY you weren't acquired - and if you've just made a big acquisition, then false conclusions can arise which hurt you, even where no real hurt existed.

    Markets don't react well to muddied waters, at the moment. (These are the same geniuses who hosed the world economy, by selling portfolios of tumbledown houses in the States, to each other, remember: their grasp of what is actually going on, is dwarfed by their ability to cause mayhem, just by guessing.)

    Give it another six months, and there'll be a feeding frenzy on - but right now? No.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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