back to article iPhone 4: And now we are 3 (Mobile)

3 Mobile is shipping iPhone 4 today - along with T-Mobile UK, it was the last UK network to announce availability. With the device in stock, it joins T-Mobile in finally giving customers the opportunity to physically own one. They were the only networks yet to announce this. Unlike T-Mobile, 3 hasn't lowered published pre- …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    You need to compare network features too

    Three have a content lock on internet access, you have to pay extra every month to override it!

    Tesco looks the best bet especially with 12 month contracts but they don't support call forwarding so Hullomail will not work on their network. Hullomail is required if you want visual voicemail functionality and O2 are the only network to implement visual voicemail.

    Tesco and Three also both get a bad rap for customer services especially if you end up with an overseas CS rep, good luck if you deviate from their scripts!

  2. Tom 35

    Try Canada

    The closest to the 30 pound rate (500 minutes + 1 GB data) costs $80 (about 49.50 pounds) and that's the top rate. The $65 plan is only 250 minutes and 500 MB data. Oh and it's a 3 year contract.

  3. CaptainBlue
    Paris Hilton

    How Long?

    The reason I went for their (micro)SIM-only deal for the iPhoney 4 was that it's a 12 month contract rather than 18 or 24 month offering they're doing. It meant buying direct from Apple so I got my Doris one too so we could See The Light with Facetime - hers is on their 1 month rolling contract - it's also here that the 3 to 3 bundle comes into its own.

    Paris, because of what we'll use Facetime for

  4. ScarabMonkey

    Virgin Mobile?

    Um, ... you seem to be forgetting Virgin Mobile ... I still can't get an iPhone on my Virgin contract :(

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