back to article YouTube ups video time limit

YouTube has bumped its upload limit to 15 minutes for users of the Google-owned video sharing website. Previously only videos with the running time of 10 minutes or less could be added to the site, which was frustrating for any naughty individuals wanting to upload full-length feature films to YouTube. Still, jacking up the …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    longer videos = good

    "autoplay" = bad bad bad

    I'm so tired of watching a video then just as it ends and I go to comment my browser navigates to an entirely different and unrelated video which starts playing automatically whether I want it to or not. And of course turning autoplay off never sticks so it might as well not have an off button.

    I don't want to be shoved around the site at the whim of their "recommended for you" list or whatever it's called. If I want to see the videos I'm quite capable of clicking links myself thank you very much.

    Obviously time spent in quiet reflection after watching a video is time they can't shove advertising in your face, so it has to be rush rush rush watch this then don't stop because you can watch this this and this this this as well. No thank you.

  2. Anonymous Coward

    The title is required, and must contain letters and/or digits

    "naughty individuals wanting to upload full-length feature films to YouTube."

    No-one wants that anymore. See

  3. A B 3

    Good for game playthoughs

    I love watching the video game playthroughs. It's amazing how you can finish some those arcade games in a couple of minutes that use to take me a month or more to finish.

    I also look forward to more Downfall parodies.

  4. James 127

    just bad timing on my behalf

    Typical.....I've just got around to uploading most of my home videos to youtube this week and had to split everything down to 10 minutes. Just a few left to upload so they'll be going up in 15 minute long clips now but I'll be dammed if I'm re-editing / re-uploading!! Nice to know for future reference though :)!!

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Not enough

    I transferred to Viddler because they have a file size limit rather than a time limit. Some of my "how to" videos are nearly half an hour which makes things much smoother to watch.

    Plus the changes they made to their web site a fwe months ago made things harder for me, switching between some maintenance screens resulted in reloading the video each time I switched between features.

    They're just a danosaur now; the time is ready for the next innovator.

  6. Andy Fletcher

    Surfer attention spans....

    ...are getting shorter, not longer. If you can't show your uncle hilariously falling through the double glazed patio doors while carrying a homemade birthday cake which is destroyed as he ruptures his femoral artery within 5 seconds no-ones going to watch any way.

    1. davenewman

      Want learners, not surfers

      Who cares about bored surfers. If people can pay to sit at a conference listening to a 1 hour talk, they will take the time to view a video of it. The only point in splitting it up is to separate the different topics, so it is easier to find your way back to the part you want to view again.


  7. heyrick Silver badge

    That won't undo the damage...

    ...of a couple of months of terrible dicking around. YouTube *used* to be friendly. Now? Okay, there are some nice features (pop out player, selection of 'qualities') which are cacked upon by some awful UI decisions. Recommendations are a drop-down menu that doesn't fit a netbook display, not to mention the scrolling necessary to do stuff because all the info that used to be on the right is now underneath. Its place? Yet more suggestions, some of which will play themselves. What the hell, man? As AC says at the very top, we're quite capable of clicking a video ourselves. I used to download stuff I wanted to watch offline as MP4 files, a lot of stuff would play these files. Now YouTube offers FLV and broken FLV at that - VLC is the only bit of software I have that actually recognises these as video files!

    I could go on for ages, but I won't. What will take ages is uploading. I submit my videos around 1200kbps and five(ish) minutes. It takes quite a while, with a fancy Java resumable uploader that, so far, has totally FAILED to resume anything (not to mention an out of date security certificate). I really can't imagine, with my oh-so-generous 256kbit upload channel, even making a 15 minute video, never mind uploading such.

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