back to article Xiotech forging secret Katana project

Word has reached us of a development project codenamed Katana inside Xiotech, with hints that the project involves HDD and SSD hybrid craftsmanship. Xiotech's ISE (Intelligent Storage Element) data pack bundles a set of hard disk drives inside a sealed 3U canister and turns them into a single super-drive. It has RAID inside …


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  1. Tommygun
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    Hardly unique,,,

    I believe Dell have had a Hybrid SAS/SSD array out for a while now, in their Equallogic range?

  2. Select * From Handle

    Well it wont b long for ssd/hdd to be a thing of the past.

    if you visit the OCZ website and have a look at their SSD tech you will see what i mean. i like the idea of PCI SSD even though it would mean giving up a PCI slot for storage. the read write speeds are also awsome. their top of the range 2TB SSD which will set u back a hefty £7k is a bit pricy but if tech like this were to get cheaper why would anyone by a hybrid or HDD? it would also be nice for MOBO manufactures to incorp a solid state boot partition on their mobos, would make for an interesting future.

  3. Z80

    Sword manufacture

    The repeated folding-over process is only done to the different grades of steel before they're brought together. The stuff you want at the cutting edge wouldn't stay there if you folded the combination back on itself.

    Mines the one with the pamphlet from the Japanese Sword Museum, Tokyo in the pocket.

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