back to article NatWest dumps O2 Money

A year after leaping into bed with O2, NatWest is no longer backing the operator's pre-paid credit card offering, citing differences in strategic goals as the cause of the breakup. The split was first reported by NFC Times, and O2 told us that "following the hugely successful launch ... each companies' priorities and strategic …


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  1. Piloti

    Poor Credit rating.....

    .. then what about cash?

    I know it is a bit old fashioned, but, if you are /that/ poor, isn't a mobile a bit of luxury, or am I being a bit cynical ?

    Answers on a post card.


    1. Rich 30

      not really

      I think mobiles are almost a requirement of life today. Expensive mobiles are a luxury, but you can get phones for under a fiver now.

    2. Chad H.

      No Mobe Required

      No mobile required here. Its just a prepaid credit card, like you'll find at any Loan Shark, I err mean Payday Loan Service.

    3. LinkOfHyrule


      Mobiles - a luxury? Of course not! Even in most third world countries, a lot of people have a mobile these days. Here in the UK there are far more mobile phones than people.

      Smart phones though I would call a "luxury" (in big ass air quotes though seeing as some people claim they are essentials!)

      You are right that is nowt wrong with cash of course - except you can't buy stuff on-line with it. This is where prepay cards come in. Most I've heard about though seem to charge a lot to use them - which is nice isn't it - charging poor people to spend their own money! I think banks should be forced to offer a debit card with all basic bank accounts as the current situation just seems to be adding fuel to the "digital divide" thingy now that so much commerce happens on-line.

      Save money with on-line shopping - but not if you are poor!

      Anyway, there's my answer, I'm not writing it on a postcard though!

      1. A J Stiles

        Wrong solution

        "Save money with on-line shopping - but not if you are poor!"

        Retailers charging different prices in their bricks-and-mortar establishments and online is part of the digital divide. If they were not allowed to do this, the divide might actually be closed up a bit.

        Requiring people to use proprietary technology is backdoor privatisation of the law.

      2. Bram

        Online payments

        Ive got an O2 Moeny card and I use for all my online shopping, its pretty good because if there is any unauthorised use its on a capped amount, so my account doesn't get plundered and with the automatic notifications I will know if there are any purchases.

        For all the retards that asume that prepaid cards are for poor people, having credit cards doesnt mean your rich, it just means your willing to pay 19.9% interest on your own money.

    4. Velv

      letters and/or digits

      "then what about cash?"

      So how are you meant to pay over the phone or Internet. As the article says, our plastic orientated times.

      And there are scumbags who insist on pre-paid cards or they charge you extra - Ryanscare and SleazyJet to name two.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up

    O2 Money card - great

    I have an O2 money card. It's great for having an allocated amount of 'spending money' on it.

    My card gets 'loaded' with cash from my bank via Direct Debit each month and when I use it to pay for something I get an immediate text message telling me how much I've spent, where I spent it and more importantly how much I have remaining.

    It's helps to keep my finances in control and not allowing me to over-spend.

    1. Anonymous Coward


      are you a goldfish? when I walk out of a shop I have this thing called memory, helps me live my life without relying on text messages.

      1. TheOtherJola


        WTF are you a pauper? I have a jetpack so I don't walk out of shops. Helps me live my life without relying on pavement.

        Seriously, STFU. Some of us make payments for £1, £2, £18, £21, £62 and £13.90 and do genuinely have a hard time remembering how much we've spent. Couple that with the fact that sometimes transactions don't appear immediately, sometimes the money doesn't get allocated/pre-authorised, and some of us rely on these pre-paid intelligent marvels.

        If you don't like it, you know what you can do.

  3. Anonymous Coward

    Single point of failure

    Having pots of money and a phone with no charge. Priceless!

    1. LinkOfHyrule

      Having pots of money and a phone with no charge. Priceless!

      "Having pots of money and a phone with no charge. Priceless!"

      And for everything else, there's Mastercard! But not if you are a poor and have bad credit!

    2. TheOtherJola

      What's this got to do with a phone?

      It's a prepaid credit card. Did you not RTFA?

  4. pctechxp

    no real loss

    Only thing I could use it for was topping up my phone as couldn't find an online retailer that recognise it nor could I use it to pay a credit card.

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up

    o2 card is actually v good

    When your ex shafts you in a divorce, leaves you with bad credit then things like this help (i have one obviously)!!

    No charges for it!

    Yea its Prepay but so what works for me (esp when abroad)!! (and yea i live by cash for everything else)!!

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Works fine for me.

    I use one and its very handy - the only place that wont accept it, is gambling sites and lottery sites (due to o2's block) - other than that it works everywhere that accepts a VISA card.

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