back to article Cyber Security Challenge winner announced

The UK's Cyber Security Challenge has announced the winner of its prologue crypto puzzle, as well as the solution - for anyone still struggling to find an answer. Successful code crackers had to solve a three-stage puzzle of increasing complexity. The task tested basic cryptoanalysis skills, as well as the ability to apply …


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  1. Victor Ludorum
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    I forgot to say - the answer was

    "Congratulations youve found and completed the REAL challenge. Your win code is <obscured>.

    Please email this code to our team at <obscured>. If youre the first person to do so, and can prove you meet the eligibility criteria (British citizen currently resident in the UK) we will be in touch to advise how to claim your prize. Well done and good luck in the Cyber Security Challenge competitions taking place throughout the rest of the year."


  2. Shane8
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    3 stages....

    I found it fun, only 3 stages though...thought the challenges would be a little more difficult than they actually was, only the last stage that was the most challenging. Nice idea though, surprised only 152 managed to solve it (inc me :D).

  3. djack

    1000 Entries?

    Unless I missed some instructions somewhere, the only place it told you where to send the entries to was in the message you had to decode to get the result 'token'.

    Quite how someone can correctly decode one bit of it and not the rest is puzzling.

    Beer : Cos it's Friday and being one of the 152 is a good excuse for a pint or four.

    1. Shane8
      Jobs Halo


      The last part can be done in a few ways, working it out the proper way gives you the correct answer, however you can solve it like a substutition cipher but then you will be missing out (assuming you guessed at the space char) special characters such as / - ' ! , . etc. So by 1000 entries being incorrect they have probably not caught onto the proper way to solve it, thus leaving their "solution" incorrect.

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