back to article Apple coughs to iPhone 3G IOS 4 upgrade problems

iPhone 3G users who've upgraded to iOS 4 are discovering that the roaming switch isn't working any more, for those on O2's network at least. Apple's new OS isn't running as smoothly as intended; users report the upgrade causes slow-downs and freezes, not to mention draining the battery and running up unexpected roaming bills, …


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  1. Select * From Handle


    Now that apple has become more popular they are doing the same thing as microsoft did. releasing stuff that doesnt work. well thats what i have seen over the last few months. Iphone 4(Grip of Death) , ipad(overheats in a few hours and turns off) and now new phone OS that erm doesnt work properly....

    atleast windows 7 worked :P

    1. Lionel Baden

      exactly what i thought

      but it has always being like this with mac products.

      e.g. original ipods etc, battery only lasting 4 hours with advertised 8 etc etc ....

    2. Mad Hacker

      Windows 7 doesn't work

      Actually I'm using Windows 7 and it doesn't work. Try copying a directory to a Windows Server across the network. Hours for a copy that would've taken just a few minutes in XP.

      1. Rob

        Are you on WiFi?

        If so you might want to adjust your MTU value from 1500 to 1492, combination of Win7 and WiFi can in some instances make the WiFi bork at max value of 1500, I've changed a few machines to 1492 (or there abouts) and it's speeded up read and write speeds across a WiFi network. Other factors can cause grief but that all depends on your network setup.

      2. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        RE: Windows 7 doesn't work

        ^^ your title said it all.

    3. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward


      I don't think that Apple is just now suddenly releasing bad hardware. There is always a X% fail rate on tech gear. When Apple had a whole 100-200 customers, the number of fails was low, because their customer count was low.

      Now with 3 million customers, that X% is a lot more people, all of which are complaining.

  2. Ebaneezer Wanktrollop
    Thumb Down


    My 3G post upgrade is a pig. Freezes, crashes during phonecalls, menu's take an age to open and close - everything is in slowmo. It's a brick in most respects. Probably a ruse to get you to upgrade to the iPhone 4 - no thanks.

    1. daka
      Jobs Horns

      Force kill apps

      Force killing safari and mail when not using them helps a lot, it's a memory thing (while in the app hold power till the swipe screen comes on, then hold the home button till you are back to the menu). Still crap though, and I agree feels like it's a deliberate thing.

    2. Player_16
      Jobs Halo

      This works for me.

      In order to force the iOS to rebuild (a step that seems to optimize a variety of things), you have to press and hold the Sleep/Wake button along with the Home button for about ten seconds, which will kill the phone and initiate a reboot.

      When it turns back on, it will take a while to boot. It spent more than four minutes on the Apple logo startup screen before I was returned to the Home screen.

      Anyway, this method made my 3G much more tolerable than before. when you 'kill' the phone, it will flash and go black but don't be alarmed. Once it comes back around, you'll notice a difference. It may display some slight hesitations now and again but it's much better than before.

      Also disable Spotlight (Settings/ General/ Home Button/ Spotlight) searches, turn search indexing off for as many items as possible.

    3. Adrian Bool


      Holding down both the sleep and home buttons until the device powers down - then restart - TWICE. I did that on mine and its pretty much back to normal - having sucked big time before. Good luck.

  3. tiggertaebo

    Just don't go on holiday

    Not that big of a deal!

    1. Velv

      Of course go on holiday...

      Just holiday at home

    2. Gangsta

      from :

      To, -Sucker- um... User

      Your probably setting it wrong, you need to press the roaming switch with your finger about 3 px above the top of the "N" in "ON".

      Jeez it's not difficult.


      the office of your supreme leader...

      err... I mean Steve.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    hahahahahahahaha is Apple related to Toyota?

    1. DZ-Jay

      To be fair

      Recent analysis shows that the accelerator problem could have occurred mostly due to driver error:

      This is not to say there were no flaws, but that their guilt and intentions were perhaps grossly misrepresented. Once again this shows that mass-hysteria, and a gullible media fond of reading Internet blogs, are a recipe for misinformation and exaggeration.


      1. Notas Badoff

        Oh yes, not a design problem....

        you're using it wrong. Steve-san.

        Um, right. So then at what point do we start to wonder if the 'rash' of "you're doing it wrong" has some link to the Toyota models' design? Or do we all tut-tut at Toyota's lose-lose future - either admit bad designs or more-clueless customers?

  5. Pavlov's obedient mutt

    Its dog slow...

    on my 3G, but battery life seems better and it's not overheated or caught fire yet

    1. sandman

      Seems variable

      My 3Gs has been fine - on the other hand two close friends have had theirs turn to bricks during the upgrade and have to do a full reset. There do seem to be some rough edges to the OS.

    2. Si 1
      Jobs Horns

      3G performance

      My 3G feels very sluggish and swiping through the home screens looks very jerky. Oddly though, my un-upgraded 1st gen iPod Touch loads web pages at exactly the same speed as the 3G, so while the OS seems slower, I don't think it's affecting app performance much (that said, Safari on my 3G/iTouch is unbelievably slow anyway).

    3. Jim_aka_Jim


      Has it got to the point where you're happy when things don't go wrong, as opposed to miffed when things do go wrong?

      Steve's plan is genius!!

    4. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Partially agree.

      My old 3G has been fine, including performance. My wife's 3G is noticeably slower though.

      The roaming issue is true - even with 'roaming' off, when I went abroad recently, I got a facebook notification as soon as I switched off airplane mode - fortunately caught it quick enough to switch off packet data. Pity the non-techies out there who wouldn't know how to do this though. I tend to think things will get interesting when the network providers get hit with complaints from users when the big bills come in.....

      As for the 4G, I like mine. Had no problems with call drops etc., but I'll have my free case anyway, thanks.

  6. martin burns

    Fine here on Voda

    My 3GS on iOS4.01 worked just fine in France - data roaming went on and off in sync with the switch.

    OT: It must be all very funny for our friend @Obviously! but independent customer sat scores are still placing Toyota very strongly for quality & reliability. But hey, never let data get in the way of a good scandal stirred by vested interests, eh?

    1. Anonymous Coward


      Article is about 3G NOT 3GS.

  7. The_Police!


    it is not a bug but a feature!

    Mines the one with bugs in the pocket.

    Bet seriously, paying £499 and ending up with problems? FAIL

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Jobs Horns

    iOS 4 on my iPhone 3G

    My iPhone 3G has been horribly slow since the upgrade, and I've also had dreadful battery life. Not only that but it corrupted all my photos and all my music so I had to sync all those again from scratch. Also, apps crash a lot more frequently.

    And all that just so I could group apps into folders. What a joke.

  9. Ian Chard


    My 3GS is really sluggish since the 4.0 upgrade with regular freezes of a few seconds where it is completely unresponsive... most annoying, but slightly gratifying to know I'm not alone.

    1. Anonymous Coward

      RE: S=snail

      "My 3GS is really sluggish since the 4.0 upgrade with regular freezes of a few seconds where it is completely unresponsive... most annoying, but slightly gratifying to know I'm not alone."

      You *ARE* alone.

      The article was about the 3G, not the 3GS. No-one else has reported any problems with that one.

      (and mine works fine ;)

  10. Tigra 07


    Just when antennagate gets old, Steve Jobs feels our plight and gives us another one to nip at =]

    Well he must do it on purpose since he can't do anything wrong.

    They say Jobs wasn't born, he just existed (and his mother is a liar)

    They say he has no need for food or money since he is immortal

    And that his word is law

    The book of Jobs, Fanboy chapter 2, verses 4,5+6

  11. envmod

    stop bloody moaning, works fine

    i have an iPhone 3G and an iPhone 4, both of which are running iOS 4. i upgraded my 3G and encountered no problems whatsoever during the upgrade. since the upgrade i, (ok, actually my bird - i've given her my old phone) have encountered no problems whatsoever.

    i am now using my iPhone 4 every day. i have had no problems with either signal strength, dropped calls, proximity sensor or OS problems.

    both phones are incredibly good and work very well indeed. i have used other smartphones (most notably Nokia N97 and Blackberry Storm) and they are shit in comparison with the iPhone.

    i believe the appropriate term is:

    "haters gonna hate".

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: stop bloody moaning, works fine

      Hmm - I am pleased for you that your phone is tickety boo.

      But surely iPhone owners who now find their phones working less well than before are not "haters".

      They simply want their phones to work as well as they did before the upgrade.

      1. DZ-Jay


        You are obviously right in that. However, you must admit that the majority of posters in El Reg's comments forum griping and complaining about all the iPhone problems do not even own the phone (as most have admitted) and do so out of mere spite.

        *Those haters* gotta hate.


        1. Anonymous Coward


          You might have a point that the Apple iPhone 4 has attracted some negative comments from people who don't own one, however up until your post here everyone who said they had an issue with the OS update ACTUALLY HAVE AN iPHONE!

          So in this instance, you are guilty of dragging the other iPhone 4 issues into the thread. Everyone who has commented negatively here owns an iPhone, has had an issue with the update, and has a right to moan.

          1. Anonymous Coward

            RE: @DZ-Jay

            "ou might have a point that the Apple iPhone 4 has attracted some negative comments from people who don't own one, however up until your post here everyone who said they had an issue with the OS update ACTUALLY HAVE AN iPHONE!"

            3 owners out of about 50 posts.

            One dissed the other 47 posters as being haters.

            I think he was quite right - they don't own an iPhone and are just slagging it off because they have nothing better to do with their pointless lives....

      2. Anonymous Coward

        RE: Re: stop bloody moaning, works fine

        "But surely iPhone owners who now find their phones working less well than before are not "haters"."

        No. They're not the ones making all the posts on this article though, are they??

    2. Jolyon


      I'm glad you're happy but clearly not everyone is - and these are people who have bought iPhones so presumably if they are haters at all it's born from experience not prejudice.


      Admirable lack of ego in making sure the companies and products got their CAPS even though your own are neglected.

      Or is it just that the iDevotion is too strong?

    3. Seb123


      I don't doubt that you have no issues with the iPhone 4 because I've played with many without issues, but to claim that you have no issues with the iPhone 3g is simply just ignorant. The phone runs a lot slower (about 50%) than before the upgrade and it is very noticeable. You can't pretend it doesn't exist.

      I haven't seen some of the issues others claim such as dropping calls and so forth. Apps crashing would be down to the fact that they've not been updated to ios4 by the author. There were significant changes made in iOS4 and if the author does not recompile the app and was trying certain things, you'll have issues. I had to change some of the code in all of my apps because they were crashing.

  12. JaitcH
    Jobs Horns

    I'm running out of fingers and toes ...

    on which to count the defects in Lemon 4.

    Time for another sermon, Jobs. I guess Apple has skipped all quality control and testing now AND they have two cell base stations in their backyard (guarantees 5-bar reception).

  13. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down

    Slow mo...

    My 3G post upgrade is extermely slow, apps take an age to start, good luck to you if you need a map in a hurry! Upgrade to 4.0.1 seems to have made a small difference and it doesn't consume battery quite as much, but its still a dog.

    I know of several people who have downgraded. Did they not test this stuff?

    1. zourtney

      Practically unusable

      I haven't tried the 4.01 update (on my 3G), but 4.0 was practically unusable. I'd type a full sentence before it showed on the screen, have to wait 5+ seconds for a page to respond to panning, etc. It was so thoroughly aggravating that I wanted chuck the device into the nearest body of water. *Surely* the testing team noticed this. But, as anyone in software knows, marketing decisions can trump developer concerns.

      I downgraded to 3.1.2 last week. From time to time I still get excited that my phone is functional again..! It was worth the headache. iOS4 brings new meaning to "iPhone killer."

  14. Peter 4

    USB connection no longer works after Iphone OS 4.0 upgrade

    Big problems with the Renault cars and USB connections on OS4.


    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Imagine the Steve response....

      Something like 'Scrap the cheese-eating-surrender-monkey manufactured car then'.

  15. Mick F
    Thumb Down

    Still idiots interested in buying 3G's

    My partner upgraded her 3G to 4.01 - it was CRAP. Managed to sell it on eBay for £190.

  16. Yorkshirepudding
    Jobs Horns

    bravo apple

    carry on ive got plenty of popcorn

  17. Watashi

    Apple; the new Microsoft

    Dear Steve,

    Welcome to the real world.



  18. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Have read that going into Settings->General->Spotlight Search then removing the ticks in all of the search type items helps quite a lot. (Assuming you don't use the Spotlight search to search through your emails etc.) Am guessing it's to do with the indexing running in the background?

    1. LordBufonte


      Or Settings -> General -> Home button -> Spotlight search for those with a 3G.

      I'm not sure it has made any difference, though.

  19. Lottie


    I feel kind of sorry for Steve Jobs. He obviously loves his company and just recently they've managed to screw almost everything up. Poor guy.

    I wonder if anything has changed at Apple at all as it's almost like the entire QA staff have taken a holiday.

    1. Geoff Campbell Silver badge

      Jobsian Love

      I can't help thinking that love has very little place in the running of a company. Perhaps he needs to set an example to his senior management, grasp the nettle, admit some reality into his life, and start fixing problems. Rather than his apparent messiah-complex method of refusing to admit any other view than his own can exist, and expecting everyone to accept every word he says as Gospel Truth.

      He did an excellent job of turning the company around, but I think he needs to spend a bit more time pondering on the attributes needed to run a successful company, as opposed to those needed to build up an underdog to a successful position.

      From an IT perspective, the one and only advantage Apple have in the market is complete control over the entire computing stack, theoretically allowing a much, much better quality in their products. I say theoretically, because this seems to be slipping. The dog's breakfast they apparently made of iOS v4 for older devices seems to me to imply that they have no understanding of how this is their competitive advantage over everyone else.


  20. Mr Young

    What a really, really big surprise - I'm shocked!

    Things go wrong for Apple just like everybody and everything else? Oh well - at least they can download a fix instead of it being on a mask processor for example - grrrrr.

  21. Eponymous Howard

    Mine has been trouble free

    I wonder if that is because I had the patience to let the update finish in its own time (over 2 hours), despite a couple heart stopping pauses (there was football on to distract me/ stop me doing anything precipitate).

  22. envmod

    PLEASE stop moaning

    please. it's so boring...

    bloody apple steve jobs who does he think he is grumble grumble...everyone loves to stick the knife in.

    move along, nothing to see here.

    1. Parax
      Jobs Halo

      Apple Fan envmod Reveals details of SPOON fix.

      Today envmod spilled the details of the Apple iPhone 3G IOS4 SPOON fix. he says "its just like in the Matrix you just have to realise that there is no problem." he continued " Once you reach a state of higher enlightenment it is clear that the flaws are transcendental flaws attached only to the plain of reality, Only by true belief can one reach enlightenment and realise that on a higher plain the device is still perfect in every way." envmod wrapped up by pleading with iPhone owners to "PLEASE stop moaning" indicating that only when users stop moaning about problems and just accept "what is" that only then the issues will disappear and the iphone becomes perfect again.

      1. envmod


        you utter twat.

  23. Andy E

    Mines OK

    I did the upgrade with no issues. Battery life seems unchanged at just over a day. Apps still work. Phone still works. Music player still works. Photo album still works. Syncs OK.

    Not much to say really other than compared to the Nokia N95 that it replaced, it's on balance a better phone/PDA/music player with an inferior camera.

    It just works :-)

    1. garbo

      So basically...

      ...the OS "upgrade" did not change, let alone improve, anything on the phone. Why bother?

      1. Anonymous Coward

        RE: So basically...

        "..the OS "upgrade" did not change, let alone improve, anything on the phone. Why bother?"

        It did change many things. Some behind the scenes, some more obvious. For example, you can now group your apps into folders. You no longer have to scroll through screen after screen to find the app you want. Very useful.

  24. QuantumOfFinance

    Apple Crumbles

    I too had major speed issues post upgrade, but rather than go for an iPhone 4 I decided it was time to switch to Android. I wanted to an HTC desire, but the place that was offering the best deal had sold out - I was in a queue of 400 people for them, with this particular company getting only one delivery of 37 in the last 4 weeks, so I've gone for the Samsung i9000 Galaxy S - and it beats the crap out of iPhone. Both the Desire and the Galaxy were free, and on the same monthly amount as my iPhone is now. I'm in an 18 month contract, but that will be covered when sell my iPhone to some poor fool...

    1. Geoff Campbell Silver badge
      Thumb Up

      Good to hear

      It's good to get an objective view from someone who has moved from Apple to Android. I, too, have a Galaxy S, and I was pretty sure it is an iPhone-beater, but then I've never owned an iPhone, so I can't really express an opinion.


  25. DaveB

    Errrr Hello

    My 3G is working fine, probably due to the fact that I haven't updated it to 4.xx.

    I might when the IOS gets to about 4.3.

  26. Joe Montana


    I am heading to france tomorrow, glad i read this before it ended up costing me a fortune...

    Only other problem i've had since upgrading a 3GS to 4.0 is that wifi doesn't work properly, it still seems to use the DNS servers configured on the 3G service (And which are obviously not reachable via wifi)... I run a linux based router at home so was able to tcpdump the traffic to diagnose what was actually going on.

  27. Giacomo Bruzzo


    Noticed that when in Italy roaming. with Data roaming off the Iphone would still download the mail....

  28. pctechxp


    Just pay that mother of a roaming bill

    Not that big of a deal


  29. Seb123


    I don't know about all the crashes and other drama llama issues but here is what I've observed. I have an iPhone 3g and since the upgrade the phone runs a lot slower. Probably about 50% slower. It was not quick to begin with, so it's very noticeable.

    When trying type in lots of text on webpage, such as this one, there is a serious formatting issue in Safari that wasn't there before

    I went to Europe last week and the phone refused to connect so I couldn't roam.

    Mail closes itself every now and then... for example if I delete a lot of mails quickly by swiping to the right. This used to happen before the upgrade as well.

  30. bill 36
    Jobs Horns

    only had it 4 days and peed off already

    A short story,

    I needed a euro roaming biz contract quickly with a smartphone! Orange had no stock of HTC or Iphone and Tmobile Salzburg had 1 3G Iphone left in stock. I bought it with the contract..49 bucks,,,a deal!

    4 hours after first hooking it up to the pc, it was online. Why, because XP pro has an obscure bug which i had to trawl the forums to find, download and install the patch, in order to register it with Itunes. And download and install 4.1, more on that later.

    Then,,,,,,load some apps...try Skype, BUT because i live in Austria i get the German version of the choice in the matter, but i don't want Skype in German,,,,,,,go to the UK shop no problem,,,except the phone is barred from downloading from the UK domain. Yes even the free stuff! So i'm sitting here thinking i am very pleased that i don't live in Hong Kong.

    Yesterday the phone was fully charged and has been on standby since then,,tonight the battery ran out???????

    i'm less than impressed with this Jobsian control freak and i think i'm going to regret not buying an Android machine.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Jobs Horns

      Re: only had it 4 days and peed off already

      Wow, sounds like a nightmare. Would love to see the iTards defend this one (though I bet they conveniently ignore your post).

    2. Anonymous Coward

      RE: only had it 4 days and peed off already

      "the phone is barred from downloading from the UK domain"

      Download it using iTunes then...

  31. Anonymous Coward
    Black Helicopters

    glitches in the matrix

    Any major system update is bound to have its few glitches.

    That said, iPhone is as standardized as any hardware platform has any right to be (ranks among gaming consoles among computing devices). With the original EOL'ed, there are only 2.5 versions out there (3G and 3GS being sisters, I'm generously counting them as 1.5), and the latest greates iPhone 4.

    How hard could it be to test the new build on 2.5 devices?

  32. Gumby1

    Happens downunder as well.

    I held off on the OS4 install till the dust had settled. Last week it went in and yes I do get frezzing mid game. Yesterday it somehow turned its self on, activated a program and then promptly depleted the battery. Bastard. But I'm lucky as there is not to much to "roam" too down here.

  33. ceebee


    Reading posts here and at Apple's forums it does seem that the particular version of phone is implicated.

    It may explain why some 3G owners are having relatively little problem and others serious issues.

    Clearly iOS4 is going to need some tidying up!! Even on my 3GS it has some quirks ...mail freezing (better since 4.01) ... tethering issues (needing to turn data off and on after a restart of the phone) etc.

    As for copying files under Win7, like in Vista, it is a dog!

  34. David McMahon

    If I

    Understand correctly this update just reduces the signal bar indicator, so that people are encouraged to hold it correctly???

    Perhaps iPhone 4's could help people train hand-eye coordination?

    For the Renault guy, that is quite unusual tech combo, so I recommend a "regrade" to the older OS (Is that legal??)

    On a serious note, do these toys have a Master reset function? Maybe you have to stroke the Apple logo for thirty seconds or something?

    ***Apple Brings you much love peace propensity to smile for you to keep***

  35. Jean-Paul

    I upgraded, downgraded and upgrades again

    As per my title, I upgraded and within a day I downgraded to 3.1.2 to make it useable again....Earlier this week I upgraded again because I found an explanation what to do...Besides if that didn't work I just downgrade it again...

    Anyway this should have been par of the installation script...Following install and then the subsequent restore you need to do a reset...Go to General / Reset and perform that. You don't loose you data, but you do loose your system settings and get the default....It basically was running 4 on 3 settings, this made it a lot faster...But still slower...

    The next thing to do is go to settings/general/home/spotlight and switch off as many as you like. Spotlight seems to be indexing like mad, now technically it will do it all i the background but the 3G just doesn't have the grunt to do that and it grinds to a holt...

    With those two alterations it is back to 3.1.2 speeds ;-)

    But yes should have been part of the install script, Apple really drop the ball with this one...

    Besides peeps, if iOS4 is running like a knackered dog why not just downgrade to 3.1.2?

  36. Scorchio!!


    Aerial problems, software update problems and now problems with the battery therefore, proximity sensor problems, blue tooth problems, isn't this reminiscent of the technology of "an agrarian nation, [when] all cars were trucks"? ( )

    Add to this Apple's security woes and things look even less acceptable:

    Crushingly for Apple, jailbreaking their phones is no longer illegal:

    What is there left of Apple's reputation? What point is there in buying a designer failure? I see nothing here.

    1. Anonymous Coward

      RE: Standards

      "Aerial problems, software update problems and now problems with the battery therefore, proximity sensor problems, blue tooth problems, isn't this reminiscent of the technology of "an agrarian nation, [when] all cars were trucks"?"

      WTF are you talking about. For starters, the problems you list do not all exist. In addition, the ones that do exist, all seem to occur on different models...

      I suggest you check a few facts.

      For the record, I went on holiday on Friday morning and my phone still had 75% battery when I got back on Sunday afternoon... no battery problem there!

      1. Scorchio!!

        Reading material

        Aggrieved fanboi that has not done their reading?

        In which Apple coughs to their IOS4 upgrade problems, and new battery life problems arising from IOS4 upgrade are noted:

        Complaints aplenty too:

        Apple accept their aerial is naff:

        They were warned about this before release:

        Blue tooth a problem for this pretty toi:

        Proximity sensor for the weekend, Sir?:

        There, there now. Rush out and buy iPhone 5x when it comes out. I am sure that there will be no problems at all with it. Apple never have problems of any sort, not even security problems:

        Like I said, "agrarian" transport with only indifferent functional reliability:

        Oh, and before I go, I laffed at the Time Capsule problems:

      2. Scorchio!!

        Deathgrip data

        So there's no problem eh? Or, should I say, it was a software problem, right? Or this is a problem found with every mobile phone, right?

        Wrong, and it is not because of the crappy signal put out by AT&T:

        Now tell me again, all the data I've put up are wrong, and the fanbois are correct, right? Tell me again, your phone is OK, so that means that all of the data so far published are wrong, right? Wrong. HTH. HAND. ;-)

      3. Scorchio!!



        To think that I have been encouraging my mum to buy an iPad (what was I thinking of ). Tsk, tsk. I think that it might be better for her to have the cheaper alternative, from India.

  37. Goatan


    Makes me glad I opted for an anroid handset instead of an ifail, i mean iphone

  38. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down

    Mostly Broken

    How this got through QA I will never know.

    My prettier half wanted her 3G upgraded to IOS4. I have a Nokia E63 and the only IOS I've handled before has been on Cisco Routers, but I tried to help as best I could.

    It took hours to sync all data back to the laptop (admittedly we had to use Vista rather than Linux to get iTunes to execute).

    Assumed that taking 6 hours to sync would have synced all mp3s, apps, photos etc. we then upgraded.

    Post upgrade we discovered that it took a quarter of a day to basically just sync the contacts. All was lost (although we did manage to sweet talk apple support into letting her download everything from the app store again. Well, everything that is still available at present and anything non-app store is lost forever).

    She noticed the following in the weeks following:

    - Battery lasts barely a day

    - Keeps freezing / crashing

    - Call quality has decreased to the point where she prefers using the landline (who uses landlines anymore? :)

    - Location based services no longer work. (This would have been a great help when we were lost in Manchester to help us to see where we were / where we needed to be, and the route between the two, instead of letting us get lost on foot in a scary abandoned warehouse part of the city).

    Clearly Apple is doing a Microsoft with QA in that they either don't have any, don't pay them enough, or the customer *is* the QA (the latter I suspect, with the iPhone 4 scandal).

    Used to be a fan of Apple back in the beige G3 days, but now they've gotten too arrogant.

    They've went the way of Audi that instead of being the quirky choice, they now could sell any old tat and it will sell like hotcakes.

  39. Hans 1

    Computer Science - Lesson 1:

    Whatever happens, never, ever ... really NEVER change a working system.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Jobs Horns

      Curiosity killed the cat

      Ah but for most of us curiosity gets the better of us with new OSs.

      I can remember the days of upgrading my win3.1 486 to win95. Very slow but shiny and new. Then, upon immediately running out of space, having to "drivespace" my 170mb HDD to 300mb. Took about 10 minutes to boot up to a usable desktop.

      Then, to stack elephants on top of elephants, the IE4 explorer "enhancements".

      Never touch a working server, granted, but for day-to-day playthings such as phones and PCs, for most of us I would say trying the shiny shiny new OS is something we want to try for the sake of it! (and it is unusual for Apple to give away the new shiny shiny objects)

      1. Scorchio!!


        Now you are evoking memories. I remember Windows 2x, it's inability to do much if a DOS window was open, the 32Mb HD I had and on the next machine (a 486DX with 500 Mb, 4 Mb RAM, and a 1 MB video card, which combination ISTR struggled with the end of Doom!) WFWG which was truly excellent for its time. In those times problems could be ironed out by editing .ini files. One day we will look back to 64 bit systems with similar affection and/or distaste.

  40. Hans 1

    Computer Science - Lesson 2:

    When you upgrade, despite what the marketing-monkeys say, the system will be slower!

  41. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    I'm looking for a non-jailbreaky downgrade option too, but in the meantime I found this combo got things working reasonably again:

    1. Turn off all the search indexing, as per a previous suggestion

    2. Close all Safari windows when not in use

    3. Bizarrely, the one that seemed to work best: turn off any extra calendars, such as 'birthdays'

    1. zourtney

      Downgrade workaround: restore + RecBoot

      They really should offer an official downgrade path. That seems unlikely, but if you're having serious performance issues and are interesting in downgrading, it's worth the hassle.

      I was able to downgrade by putting the phone in DFU mode and doing a restore using an older IPSW file. These files can be found fairly easily and are about 250-300mb.

      After that, you'll need to kick your phone out of recovery mode because the older OS isn't validated by iTunes (I think that's why, anyway). I used RecBoot on Ubuntu, and it worked like a charm. (Warning: trying to get RecBoot to work on Win7 64-bit may cause literal headaches)

      There are tons of tutorials online, if you wish to go this route. Still, I'm sure we all wish iOS4 would "just work" instead. :-/

  42. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up

    Works fine on my 3G iPhone

    I installed the jailbroken iOS 4.01 with multitasking (which is not normally available) and it works fine. No crashes yet, although I did have the interface mess up a bit once and I had to restart springboard, but I have had the exact same problem on iOS 3.

    Obviously I have made the phone display how much ram is free on the top bar so I know when to start closing apps or the phone will start slowing down, and presumably apps will crash but I have never let it get that far.

    Works rather well, no crashes no slow downs. I can see why they didn't enable multitasking for 3G users though, due to the ram limitation.

    I did backup the phone first before doing a full recovery with the downloaded firmware, not an update. Don't know if that makes a difference.

  43. Adam Doran

    Not limited o2 or iOS 4...

    I stumbled into this issue months ago and wrote the whole thing up

    1. Scorchio!!

      Problems, problems

      Apple's problems seem to be of an international nature:

      So what to do when the wheels are falling off, internationally? Why, drop the subject! Like this:

      Now you see it, now you don't. "We are the dead".

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