back to article Turkish pranksters load Facebook Translate with swears

Facebook's attempts to crowdsource translations have gone awry in Turkey. A group of Turkish pranksters banded together to submit bogus translations so that a Facebook IM error message was rendered in Turkish as "Your message could not be sent because of your tiny penis". The correct version should say the message could not be …


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  1. TeeCee Gold badge

    Downtime reasons?

    "The Facebook Translate application was's unclear if this is related......."

    Yes of course. It's entirely possible that they just took it down to give it a larger penis.

  2. yoinkster
    Paris Hilton

    made me laugh

    The idea sounds awesome but after reading the end of the article I just had to get in Paris for "holes have been exposed" quote.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Could be useful

    You could make the messages more meaningful.

    Change "Sponsored results" to "Everything under here is trash and should be ignored".

    Change "Chat" to "Why not talk to someone in real life instead".

    Change "Share only with friends" to "Every app and google search on the planet will get this in the next rework of permissions".

    Change "Farmville" to, well, maybe one of the swearwords they used.

    Anon because Zuckerberg might find me....

  4. Chris Harden


    I fuck this, I fuck this alot!

    1. Pablo

      Pablo and 4 others fuck this.

      Ace indeed.

  5. Hankster
    Thumb Up

    A hi-tech version of the dirty Hungarian phrasebook, then...

    " hovercraft is full of eels..."

  6. Daniel 1

    "There are lessons to be learned from Facebook's gaffe"

    Yes, don't bother going on-line with a service as ropey as Facebook (unless you think Microsoft might want to give you $240 million, to help fund the whole worthless enterprise - in which case, party on until the money's all gone).

    However, this does mean that, in Turkey at least, Facebook users were briefly known as "dumb likes".

  7. John G Imrie

    I'm sure

    There's a Monty Python sketch in here somewhere.

  8. Lau

    The Monty Python sketch..

    ... it’s the Bulgarian phrasebook :)

  9. Richard IV

    It's not the first time

    It also happened a while back with the Norwegian translation of their TOS -

    There's a lesson to be learned here - Pay peanuts, get monkeys. Pay nothing, the monkeys may start flinging shit at you. It does rather beggar belief that Farcebook seem not to have had someone in place to at least give their crowdsourcing attempt cursory oversight (again).

    1. Pascal Monett Silver badge

      Beggar's belief ? Hardly !

      From an organization whose operating motto concerning users is "dumb fucks", it's hardly unbelievable.

      It is, on the contrary, totally in line with the Wikipedia mentality, which is more than a bit hippy in believing that "the people know best".

      Unfortunately, it has been proven time and time again that the only thing "people" know is how to destroy culture.

      "People" are only interested in booze, money and your daughter's boobs.

      It takes an enlightened mind to create - and such a mind is, by definition, the exception rather than the norm.

      Am I becoming a misanthrope ? Check.

  10. umacf24

    It's Time

    This demonstrates that Turkey is 100% ready to join the European Union.

    Now all we have to do is figure out why they want to.

    1. marla morrison

      you'r talking nonsense

      what a genous intelligence you have. you can judge all turkish people, all turkish rebuplic. just because of a band of pranksetters. forget about it. you should keep your position in the eu and we want to stay away from you ;)

  11. Ken Hagan Gold badge

    Did you get the memo?

    Back in, oh I don't know, the 1990s, the Department of the Bleedin' Obvious issued the following memo, marked Urgent.

    "Any online service, whether it’s translation or reputation services, which solicits user generated content would be well advised to quality check that content before going live with it."

    Apparently only people with functioning brain cells got it.

  12. Vincent Ballard

    That might explain it

    I wondered why yesterday, when I tried to correct a "Spanish" translation which looked rather more like German, I got an error message telling me that I haven't been using Facebook for long enough. As I've been using the translation app since the day Facebook en español was launched, that was surprising, but it could have been a bodged attempt to suspend translation while they decide what to do.

  13. Stevie


    The old ones are the best ones!

  14. Martin H Watson

    I remember years ago...

    ...rolling out DOS 3.3 to dozens of users after changing "Bad Command or Filename" to "Bed Commode or Filename". Nobody ever noticed.

  15. The Nameless Mist
    Thumb Up

    Hungarian Phrasebook strikes

    Seems like the Turkish mob have watched a bit too much Monty Python.

  16. grandpas



    For more info on how these "turkish languistic larks" work can be found on:

    thank you for the news!

  17. marla morrison

    we want the world and we want it !

    yes we r pranksetters, a ''tiny'' group of band =] we can visit you in a short time. Attention svp! Bisous

  18. Mr Grumblefish


    4 wtf!


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