back to article Churchill's dentures go under the hammer

A set of dentures belonging to Winston Churchill and described as "a vital weapon" in Britain's struggle against Nazism come under the hammer today, the BBC reports. Churchill's dentures Churchill was keen to preserve the distinctive lisp which added essential flavour to his wartime speeches, and enlisted dental technician …


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  1. SamH

    The Title

    "Cudlipp is now selling the historic gnashers becuase (sic) "he feels they should be on public display"."

    Then donate them for the war museum.

    1. Just Thinking


      they could fetch £50K. Would you give them away?

      It doesn't really matter if they are on public display or not. The fact that Churchill recognised the importance of preserving his distintinctive voice as he addressed the nation by radio is a fascinating insight. This could be illustrated in a museum by showing a contemporary set of false teeth, surely?

      Its the story, not the teeth, that matter. I'd sell them to the highest bidder.

      1. SamH


        > they could fetch £50K. Would you give them away?

        Heck no ;)

  2. David 45

    Dental floss

    We shall fight them on the beashes - oops, there they go again!

  3. Tigra 07

    What if?

    If false teeth helped win the war against the Nazis then imagine what Hitler could have done with a false testicle

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      He'd have stopped

      trying to prove his manhood as much, and the world would have been at peace :P

      1. Tigra 07


        That seems pretty far fetched

        To think a World War and 6 million exterminations could take place because a man with an ugly moustache dropped the/a ball seems very unlikely to me

        1. Gavin King

          Plain Text, sans HTML.

          But this wouldn't have been the first war to have been started over something which wasn't there. Or the last.


          1. Tigra 07

            Not just Iraq

            "But this wouldn't have been the first war to have been started over something which wasn't there. Or the last."

            You mean like all the wars involving religion, wars involving people fighting that their beliefs are right and that their God is real?

            1. Denarius Silver badge

              enough already, or do some real history

              Enough already for the simple minded self-assessed wise ones. Shut up.

              The entire 20th century was full of murder conducted in the name of atheism which dwarfed the centuries of state sponsored killings in Europe using compliant clerical pollies as an excuse.

              Remember the USSR and the Iron Curtain ? Probably not.

              Stick to IT subjects and minor bootnotes like this item on Churchills choppers and leave the materialist bigotry off the site.

  4. BillboBaggins
    Thumb Up

    These need to stay in Britain!

    If they go abroad we must protest to the highest authoroties.

    If need be we shall fight on the beaches,

    we shall fight on the landing grounds,

    we shall fight in the fields and in the streets,

    we shall fight in the hills;

    we shall never surrender them!

  5. Steven Griffiths

    We will bite them on the features.

    Coat please...

  6. Number6

    Little bits

    If they're under the hammer, won't that risk breaking them?

  7. disgruntled yank

    Proving conclusively

    That his bark wasn't worse than his bite! (Or at least that there was dependency.)

  8. Stevie


    Love the headline. Well done that newsperson.

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