back to article Russian gang uses botnets to automate check counterfeiting

A researcher has uncovered a sophisticated check counterfeiting ring that uses compromised computers to steal and print millions of dollars worth of bogus invoices and then recruit money mules to cash them. The highly automated scheme starts by infiltrating online check archiving and verification services that store huge …


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  1. Mike Flugennock

    why am I not surprised?

    During my latest round of job-hunting, I established accounts on at least half a dozen job-search sites, including SimplyHired and CareerBuilder. To my total lack of surprise, about a week or so later, the spam started trickling in (with imaginative subject lines like "about your resume") and, also to my lack of surprise, at least half of them were from skanky outfits offering thinly-disguised "job offers" looking for what was basically a laundered-money mule or such like.

    What's really sad is that -- once again, to my lack of surprise -- is that things have gotten so bad that people are actually willing to give this a shot.

    1. Anonymous John

      Re why am I not surprised?

      It works both ways. Some scammers aren't too bright either.

      "Hello Tutor,

      I am Sir.Joe 50yrs retired Australian national.I

      live currently in Newcastle England with 2 of my grand children

      because their parents died in a motor accident and left them for me.

      I have to take them out of Australia at the moment because i needed to

      change their environment in order to take their parents death out of

      their sight and mind.I am darly in need of an english teacher/efl tutor

      who is willing to relocate to England and take them up in private classes.

      The job is for one year so that they could adapt well in English

      before i will enroll them into private schools here. "

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    1. Sarah Bee (Written by Reg staff)

      Re: CHEQUE

      I should add another bit to the comment guidelines: yes, this is a UK site, but the US writers at the US office use US English. They always have.

      Please, please no more comments on this. If you want to get into an argument about it, take it up with the editors. I need my nap. Thanks.

  3. Sooty

    Cheque counterfeiting?

    Why on earth do you still use the things in America? Why have direct debits never taken off like over here, is it simply a lack of consumer protection applied to them?

    1. Richard IV

      And of course

      Direct Debits are nigh on impossible to set up fraudulently, as one J Clarkson esq. found out:

      More often than not, it's the sheer volume that opens the door to fakery than anything else. See mortgages, insurance, money itself.

      [I'm rather disappointed that the gang weren't based elsewhere in Eastern Europe - Czech bots check Cheque Check bots would have made a cracking headline]

    2. Tom 13

      Well according to my roomate

      because they figure the direct payment sites are more likely to get compromised than the US mail.

      As for me, I'd still have a bottom basement credit score if not for automated bill payment.

      Most businesses have adopted direct deposits for payroll and most people use that for getting their money.

  4. Eugene Crosser
    Thumb Up

    Fantasy coming true

    Just another step or two and we have in real life!

  5. Destroy All Monsters Silver badge
    Big Brother

    In other news...

    A researcher has uncovered a sophisticated "financial instruments" ring that uses compromised banks to steal and hoover trillions of dollars worth of savings off the public and then recruits governement officials to cash them.

    No-one even cares.

  6. kain preacher


    Because some places charges for direct debit . I got rid of credit card when they started charging me a $5 surcharge for electronic payment. wrote them a check its free. Yes I know that seems ass backwards as some companies are now giving slight discounts if you go paperless and electronic payment .

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