back to article Novell opens Linux appliance gallery

Novell has opened an online gallery for SUSE software appliances. It has been a year since Novell launched its SUSE Appliance Program, which offers a set of online tools, dubbed SUSE Studio, for spinning up software appliances based on its SUSE Linux distro. The appliance tools were aimed at software developers who wanted to …


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  1. gerryg

    contest ends on September 31??

    they could up the prize money to equal the banking debt

    web 2.0 because that's all about the appliance of science too

  2. K
    Thumb Down

    Website Fail

    I can't believe El Reg never even checked the site, there is no way of actually accessing the gallery! Its just crap at the mo

  3. Robert Carnegie Silver badge


    What is a "software appliance"?

    1. Anonymous Coward

      What is a software appliance?

  4. Robert Carnegie Silver badge

    ...thank you (I suppose)

    So it's like the GParted Live CD.

    System Rescue CD is a Swiss Army Knife - but I've recently got nervous about distro promiscuity, and if they keep releasing improved versions how good can it be... are you trusting a stranger (I think he's French) with your computer...

    GParted Live CD, then, is a knife...

This topic is closed for new posts.

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