back to article Citigroup says its iPhone app puts customers at risk

Citigroup is urging customers who use their iPhones for online banking to immediately upgrade to a new version of the application because a security weakness in the the old one puts them at risk. In a letter, the US banking giant said the Citi Mobile app saved user information in a hidden file that could be used by attackers …


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  1. Shannon Jacobs

    No tethering, no customer

    At least speaking for myself, the crazy anti-tethering policies are the main reason I haven't switched to a smart phone.

    All the packets you can eat, but only on the tiny phone display? I don't wish anyone ill, but whoever goes blind first, please be sure to sue the phone company that did it to you.

    Even more amusing is a large Japanese phone company that sells unlimited packets--except for any form of streaming, any form of P2P, any form of VOIP, with additional restrictions against many popular games. All you can eat, as long as you like to eat rocks--and only small rocks, to boot.

  2. Big-nosed Pengie
    Jobs Horns


    An app that let it be used as a MODEM? Thank Jobs they banned that!!!

    1. paulf

      This is what I don't get about the app store police

      We're being constantly assured that the app store police are there to protect us mere mortals from all sorts of heinous ills like, malware, spamware, poor user experience, tethering, satirical cartoons and wobbly boobies.

      But they let hidden stuff like the tethering function get through in an application that is supposed to be just a flashlight. Seriously did they not review the code at all? Or was it reviewed by a robot? Either they're reviewing the actual code or they're not. If they're not then WTF ARE they reviewing?!

      I object to the locked nature of the iPhone (which is why I don't have one) but I could vaguely understand it if they were actually reviewing the code, as they claimed, to keep nasties off the handset. I seem to remember a game sending back the user's phone number to the developer in clear text http about 6 months ago? Something it had no use for, and even if it did, it wasn't encrypted or anything. That slipped past the app store police too - probably because they were too busy reviewing applications full of boobies?

      Fail - because the app store police are clearly a big fail.

    2. Anonymous Coward

      RE: OMFG!!!

      WTF are you on about?

      The article had nothing to do with apps that let your phone be used as a MODEM, it did mention it though. If you wanted to comment about it why not put it in the comments of the article about it...?

      1. Anonymous Coward


        someone's after your job

  3. JaitcH

    Banking by handphone is ...


    It's a bad as banking at am InterNet cafe.

  4. Anonymous Coward

    App puts money at risk?

    fuuny, when I was with shittybank, the only ones robbing me were the bankers.

    Worst bank I ever had the misfortune to deal with. Lasted less than a year with me.

    1. JaitcH

      All banks are the same

      I bank at HSBC and they never sent my new PIN for 38 days when I was abroad. Not only that they double convert some foreign exchange deals and collect double commission.

  5. Dan 55 Silver badge

    Good work Citi

    Now all you have to do is fix your website.

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