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To be honest, I can’t think of anything more embarrassing than wearing a badged set of World of Warcraft headphones. Does it really matter what's stamped on the side when you're sat behind a big monitor anyway? However, Blizzard’s all-conquering MMORPG does have about ten zillion subscribers, and Creative Labs has had …


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  1. Tim #3


    "a ‘voicefx’ option that modifies your voice as you speak into the mike to make you sound like an elf, dwarf, or one of the other races found in World of Warcraft." ... we demand a demo. And we don't mind how embarrassing you find it.

    1. Inachu

      I still can't find the software!

      I bought the wireless and I still can't find the software!

      Drivers ---- Are what you call the software that makes the wireless blue tooth device work.

      Sofware is what you call that is for the end user(CUSTOMER) to use.

      But they called the entire package just DRIVERS..... WTF!!!!!


      So a week later I have yet to use this voice changer thing even though it said it installed just fine on my Windows 7 Pro 64 bit edition......... weird.... A GHOST INSTALL? perhaps.

  2. Anonymous Coward


    Aimed at and bought by losers (or parents of...)

    (fingers in the shape of an L on my forehead.)

    We need a Loser icon :D - just for now, i will stick with a classic Fail.

  3. Inachu

    I bought the wireless last week.

    The sound is great! I love it when I use it.

    No CD came with the unit and tells me to download DRIVERS to run the software to configure the device but why is it called DRIVERS? FOr the wireless device that connects to the pc but common use normal coneventional english here. They think sofware is also drivers for the program you use to configure the headset.

    I think that the manual and so was not written in the USA.

    The play time using the heaset to me felt like only 1 hour playing wow.

    If I walked away and the sound stopped nothing worked to get it turned on until I found out just unplug the usb device and then plugging it back in turns the sound back on.

    The headset auto synced so that was good no interaction on my part.

    I find the microphone a bit upsetting as it does not let me put the microphone where I want it.

    If you twist it where you want it then it pops out of the unit and falls off.

    Works great with Vent and an hour later my ears did not hurt like other headsets I have tried.

    Is it worth the $160? for diehard fans yes but for the normal people I'd say its only worth $80

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      yeah, but...

      i dont think these are really aimed at 'normal people'

    2. Merchman


      Took me all of 30 seconds to find the drivers on the Creative website and if you actually read the description of what you are going to download, it explicitly states:

      'This download contains the latest driver and application(s) for use with your Sound Blaster® World of Warcraft® Wireless Headset'

      I don't think it can be much clearer than that.

      Also, regarding things being written in English, pot calling the kettle black ring a bell?

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Battery life

    I have a wireless Logitech headset - not used to play WoW I hasten to add (Eve is what I play). Now when I got them a year ago the charge lasted for a good 6 hours use or so. A year on and we're down to maybe 4 hours. Next year I doubt it'll do 2 hours.

    May well be down to charging patterns (letting it get too flat) but its not a mobile or lappy so really its inevitable that it will usually be fully discharged before a recharge.

    £150 is taking the piss for a headset which will be next to useless within 3 years. Unless the battery is user-replaceable you're effectively renting the thing for £1 a week.

    I'm not an Apple fanboi but I really do wish someone would come up with a headset which has the same sort of magnetic connection that their newer power adaptor uses. I went over to wireless because I have a tendency to forget I'm wearing them and I got pissed off with re-soldering/re-crimping the damage caused when I walk off :)

    A nice little magnetic connection would be the best of both worlds.

    Oh and one problem most people don't consider is that wireless headphones usually don't have a PTT button on them, so while you can go AFK and still listen, you generally can't talk. Voice activation is NOT an option when you have 60 on vent :D

  5. Ian Ferguson

    I'm intrigued

    Just what does an elf sound like, anyway?

    I'm with Tim #3, let's have a demo!

    Linux icon chosen as it's the nerdiest, but I think it's probably an insult to Linux users.

  6. Bassey


    Quite apart from being one of the saddest accessories I've ever heard of why aren't they bluetooth? Why use a crappy proprietary system? It just prevents the saddos from wearing their tags whilst out and about listening to <whatever such people listen to as an alternative to music>. That way we could easily identify and avoid them.

    1. Anonymous Bastard


      WoW gamers go outside? You must be dreaming.

    2. Anonymous Coward

      Factor 75 all round!

      Someone in the Creative design team didn't want to injure the WoW players by allowing them outside, very pale skin can get easily damaged in the mildest of sun.

      "Here there be dragons!", springs to mind.

  7. Graham Bartlett

    How much?!?!?!

    My closed-back cans (ATH-M40) which I use for live sound work cost me £50. They're not half bad. My shopping list includes a reasonable £100 set of open-back cans for mixing at home without disturbing the rest of the house. So £150 for cans that aren't even any good sound-wise?

    The article says this is "not unreasonable". I beg to differ. It is "not significantly different from the price charged for other rip-off tie-in merchandising", is what it is.

    Buy these and advertise that you've been financially raped. Tell the world that you're a sucker, and anyone can sell you any kind of tat if it's just got the right branding. Yay.

    The headband should come with a built-in "L" attached.

  8. Chad H.


    At that price they'd better include a portal to dalaran.

    And they say apple buyers are crazy!

  9. jai

    epic fail is epic

    should be bluetooth and also there needs, NEEDS, to be StarCraft2 badged ones available ready for the launch next week!

  10. thomas newton

    @ john naismith

    they did consider making the battery user-serviceable...but then Creative realised that it would raise Elf and safety concerns...

    ...mine's the one that ISN'T an anorak.

  11. ssjzero
    Thumb Up

    Epic Loot!

    I've had these headphones for a couple of months now and love them, Sound quality is fantastic, could do with a do not disturb sign on the back coz you can't hear so all else when wearing

    It's actually that bad that one night my brother logged onto Vent just to tell me that Dinner was done!

    The colour changing/pulse setting is quite cool, but isn't really needed....but I do like changing the colour to Purple and leaving it there.

    As for the voices, its hilarious! Personally, I love the Marrowgar setting.

    After buying this headset I have NO regrets, was totally worth every penny, you get what you pay for!

    As for the negative comments from people, best advise I could give you is, /Ignore them, see if you can go try them out somewhere first atleast talk to someone that has a set.

    Norrec - Kilrogg EU

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