back to article Google Chrome bug bounty ups Mozilla's ante

Two days after Mozilla sextupled the bug bounty paid to security researchers to $3,000, Google has upped the ante for vulnerabilities that are reported in its Chrome browser. In a continuing play on elite hacker speak, Google will begin paying as much as $3,133.70 for the most critical bugs that are brought to its attention, …


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  1. blackworx

    "elite hacker speak"

    l3375p34k? Yes.

    Elite hacker speak? Not so much.

    1. Daniel B.

      Used to be elite

      1337 used to be "elite" back in the early days of hacking; unfortunately the k00l k1d5 574r73d 70 wr1t3 l1k3 th15 and it became pretty lame, pretty fast.

  2. Tigra 07


    Does Microsoft not offer something then?

    Can i expect to hear they went bankrupt soon from how many bugs were reported in the first month?

  3. Defiant

    Opera any dea

    I'd have Opera any day and it kicks they're arses in speed

    1. Cazzo Enorme

      Re: "Opera any dea"

      I'll stick with Firefox, thanks. It comes with a spell checker for starters.

      1. A handle is required


        Firefox also comes bundled with Firefox, as opposed to Opera

  4. David Eddleman


    Monkey see, monkey do.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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