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Despite Steve Jobs' assurance that "There is no Antennagate", that squeaky-hinged barrier keeps a-flapping — and more than one good soul has found humor amid the grating creaks. Or the creaking grates. Or whatever. Take, for example, the euphoniously psuedonymed Ms Annabel Tenna, whose new website (she must read …


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  1. Trevor_Pott Gold badge

    What class.

    Pure cheek.

  2. rahul

    Enjoy it while you can...

    ... it's most likely going to be pulled offline by the iPolice squad, probably for iCopyright violations.

    1. Richard 120


      iCall fair use

      though I don't suppose that'll stop the iThreats

    2. g e


      Is usually allowed, too, isn't it?

  3. Anonymous Coward

    My submission to

  4. Mat

    Fair Use

    I thought fair use covered satire which this clearly is.

    Oh.. Hold on... Apple are concerned.. They have no sense of humour!

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Idn´t need no stinking title

    Heavily armed iSWAT teams are already heading for the internet....

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Another Android owner no doubt

    Android users really are insecure aren't they? Why can't they just get on with sending their usage statistics back to Google in peace?

    1. Anne Tenna

      Afraid not...

      I'm an iPhone 3 user.

      But you are right. I am very insecure.

    2. Anonymous Coward


      Might alternatively be a Symbian user? Either way - at least they *can* connect to send data...

      Insecure? Calm down dear - it is only a joke :o)

    3. LinkOfHyrule

      I'm currently...

      I'm currently a Sony Ericsson and Symbian user - which makes me bitter to all of humanity!

      Mines the one with two different faulty mobile phones in the pockets.

    4. Anonymous Coward

      Lack of humour

      Fanbois really struggle with being on the receiving end of other people's humour don't they?

      I've seen this in real life too - by which I mean, away from t'interweb

      Disclaimer - I too am a Sony Ericsson user, I loathe that piece of [email protected]

      1. Intractable Potsherd Silver badge

        Sony Ericsson ...

        ... K610i - worst phone I ever had! For reasons I never worked out, it would drop the signal when I wanted to send a text (from my house, which has no problem with any other mobile). Plus it was possible to switch off the keyguard somehow whilst it was in my belt holster, then dial the last person I spoke to. Oh, and then there was the poorly located battery that, if you gave it a slight tap, switched the phone off (cured by inserting a piece of paper down the side of it). Never again. Just gone back into the Nokia fold - bliss! 5230 - works perfectly. Had a signal in a pub in the middle of Derbyshire when six other phones didn't. However, it still doesn't quite match the Phillips Savvy I had as my first mobile ...

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Jobs Horns

    iTape Signal Booster $2

    £8.50 for UK residents.

  8. Rogerborg

    Oh, I see what she tried to do there

    Isn't parody supposed to be... funny?

    1. Anne Tenna
      Thumb Up

      So right...

      You are correct Rogerborg. Parody should be funny.

  9. Anonymous Coward

    Love the iTape

    with the standard 'Works with iPhone' sticker for the terminally stupid. Class.

  10. Tigra 07 Silver badge


    Love it!

    Do they make them for an X10?

    ...No? What do you mean my antenna works fine?

  11. James 93
    Thumb Up


    Reg, i like the way that after you found someone using your phrase Judasphone you started to trade mark phrases like Gap of Doom. Lol cheered up a miserable day!!

    1. Richard 120

      I thought

      the official Reg phrase was "Jesus phone" and Judas phone was just another part of the parody.

      Did I get that wrong?

      Jesus was the good guy, Judas the bad guy and all that...

  12. Ascylto
    Big Brother


    I think I must have a faulty iPhone 4 ... it doesn't drop calls and the signal is fine.

    I'll still get a free bumper, though. Let's face it, $29 or £25 is outrageous and thievery gone mad!

  13. Ascylto
    Big Brother


    I see the faux ad with Scream ... she's using a Nokia!

    Seriously, though, I'm an Apple fanboi and I think the site is excellent!

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