back to article Seagate intros networked storage for the home

Seagate has introduced GoFlex Home as a home networked storage system. It is a single drive product with no protection against it crashing. The latest iteration of Seagate's GoFlex product family will provide networked storage and media playing capabilities for home computer users. GoFlex Home is a 1 or 2TB drive mounted in a …


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  1. TheRealRoland
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    I would wait for the first couple of hands-on reviews...

    Like the title says, before buying make sure you properly research this product. Don't go for glorified press release reviews, make sure the reviewer actually touched, installed and worked with the product for a while. To write the words 'no crash protection' and 'home network storage' in the same sentence does not bode well for the product :-)

    Bought a Seagate BlackArmor 420 a while ago, it works, barely. Am only using the Network Storage part of the NAS, the other stuff takes too much time to configure and troubleshoot, etc.

    Looking at the product forums at Seagate, tech support seems to be seriously lacking, firmware updates are far and few in between, and what's promised in press releases and printed on the box is not always what's delivered in reality.

    Stuff no longer working after firmware updates (for instance, temperature indication always stuck at 105 or 109 degrees fahrenheit) does not give high hopes for future products.

    Proceed with caution.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    That as it reads, the only way to connect is via the Seagate software. Looked at the usermanual and apparently they can be viewed under network in Windows.

    Data sheet also says you can plug in extra USB drives. perhaps a backup of the backup could be hacked but hardly consumer friendly.

  3. David McMahon

    Raid 1 or no deal

    As title!

    Who fancies losing 1-2TB of data?

    I never just buy one drive any more!

    @TheRealRoland, "Don't go for glorified press release reviews, make sure the reviewer actually touched, installed and worked with the product for a while"

    Quite agree!

  4. Anonymous Coward

    Seagate NOT

    Customer service is worst in the industry IMHO. AVOID like the plague.

    Last Seagate drive I had failed after 95 days and I had to PAY a service charge for an RMA. NEVER, NEVER again.

  5. Disco-Legend-Zeke

    License TO Mock.

    ...I have a GREAT backup system. Everything on my server is mirrored locally.

    Then a hard drive crashed. The C: drive on my blade.

    I certainly agree a dual drive, mirrored, with warning emails and stuff, is the perfect mate to the new Windows Backup. Since you get system state, "bare metal restore" is offered. The same machine on new hardware. I want to see more "bring your own hard drive" docking stations. Don't burden the channel with obsolete (the day after they ship) hard drive prices. Hard drive price drop has been a problem with past DVRs. The newly emerging home NAS market awaits an elegant TV-tuner/nas box.

    Unfortunately, I did NOT use a full disk backup, and yes i had my local copies, somewhere. everywhere. Sites are back up in horribly fractured ways.

    So ill quietly sip my tear satined beer while you berate my stupidity.

  6. SeagatePR

    3TB Option

    The 3TB GoFlex Desk drive actually does have the same form factor as the 1TB and 2TB GoFlex Desk drives and would also fit in the GoFlex Home dock. Seagate does have plans to make the 3TB drive available for GoFlex Home, but we are not holding to a firm ship date at the moment. The reason that 3TB is not available at launch is due to BIOS limitation to 2.1TB , but we are working to allow the GoFlex Home network storage system to read and write to a 3TB capacity drive.

  7. Lou Gosselin

    Backup versus storage

    "There is no facility to backup the GoFlex Home device's data either to another drive or to the cloud. In this respect it's best to treat it as a backup device and not as the single place to store files used by connected computers."

    Alternatively, one might treat it as a single place to store files and not as a backup device?

    1. sabroni Silver badge

      what's wrong with a single point of failure?

      One might treat it as a place to stand a pint of beer, but that would be a stupid thing to do. Like only having one copy of your files....

  8. ZenCoder
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    Seagate Customer Service

    This sounds like a really great product, its exactly what I need but I can't see myself buying because of the negative experiences I've had RMA'ing Seagate products. I could elaborate in great detail but that would put me in a bad mood.

    In contrast Western Digital has always been a pleasure to deal with.

  9. Robert E A Harvey

    title title title

    So, windows or mac? is that right?

  10. Anonymous Coward

    The price is nice

    I have a ReadyNAS but that £250 you quote is only the bare chassis, you have to buy the disks at £75 each but you do get RAID5 protection

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