back to article HP files webOS tablet trademark

HP has filed an application with the US Patent and Trademark Office to protect what may very well be the name of its upcoming webOS-based tablet: Palmpad ... or PalmPad. Who knows, since the application simply reads all-caps PALMPAD. A slick bit of marketing savvy, we believe, seeing as how Palm's name recognition remains …


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  1. Wind Farmer

    Hasn't hurt IBM/Lenovo either....

    seem to recall there's been products kicking around for years called thInkPADs. What's Jobssy's claim to the name? Tw@!

    1. Anonymous Coward

      RE: Hasn't hurt IBM/Lenovo either....

      I think El Reg have an axe to grind against Apple. Everthing is presented with an anit-Apple slant - even when it's all speculation like this article.

      1. nichomach
        Jobs Horns


        You're just reading it wrong. Not that big of a deal.

      2. Anonymous Coward

        I think.......

        it's more to do with taking the P*SS from over inflated egos, considering Gates and others get the same treatment.

        You appear to be showing your bias a little.

  2. Anonymous Coward

    Mine is the one...

    ...with MousePad in the pocket

  3. Badwolf

    Domestic Fun

    If i really like my portable device, can I call it a Brillo-Pad?

  4. rahul
    Thumb Up

    Brilliant move, indeed...

    Continuing the lineage of "Palm" is both a brilliant move as well as a strong message that such a strong brand will not be allowed to die out. Let's not forget that Palm turned 3com around; and in the right hands (as with HP), it can very well reawaken that revolution.

    Time was against the Palm Pre; that too was a revolution in the making.

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  6. Jeremy Chappell


    How is this a clever name? PalmPad - as it won't fit in a "palm" the name is dumb. Now "webPAD" would have been smart as the OS is called "webOS". But "PalmPad" is stupid, it doesn't chime with HP's brand, and I doubt Palm's name carries any meaningful weight anymore. I think HP should concentrate on the technology they got (webOS is a really nice platform) and leave the Palm mark behind.

    1. HelenaHandcart

      How do you know it won't fit in the palm?

      The product hasn't been released yet so we have no idea of its dimensions so it might be similar to the Dell Streak which definitely palm-sized.

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    This could be a nice peice of ...

    equipment. Might even buy one if HP opensources their drivers, until then forget it.

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    I guess no one has told HP that webOS sounds like the word for eggs (huevos) (also slang for testicles) in Spanish?

  9. Trevor_Pott Gold badge

    Well crap,

    ...I can't keep calling it a trackpad?

  10. mafoo


    I can see it now

    "but its called the palmpad, why is it twice the size of my hand?

    1. Player_16

      We've been down this road before...

      ...with the iPad -feminine product, blah, blah, blah.

      'Twice the size? Maxi-Pad.'

      ...mmm, nope, won't go there...

  11. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down

    What is all this pad nonsense

    If HP try to stop anyone using the term PAD then they are onto a sure loser.

    As has been mentioned, the ThinkPad & iPAd are already out there. What abot the ideaPad, the intelliPad etc?

    As Mr 'his holiness' Jobs says, it is common sense so I'm with him on this one. (Ducks to avoid anti Jobs missiles)

    Oh. Then there are the millions of legal leeches shoe by some act of god or whatever use 'legalpads'. you know those horrid bits of yellow paper....

    Thumbs down as it is not a fail unless HP try to stop people using the term Pad...

    1. bolccg

      Maybe I've missed something but

      isn't this article saying that Apple are the more likely to try to enforce a blanket ban on the word "pad" being used as a prefix/suffix? So not sure why you've framed your comment as though HP were trying to do this?

  12. Chris 211

    Looking forward to it.

    I look forward to some PalmOSPad or an Android Pad, its the right OS for it. I like the concept and target of the Apple iPad, I see were it fits in. Almost like a thin client with some thin applications on it. It has to be cheap and run FLASH to support all the existing and upcoming video streaming sites that exist. It needs a long user replaceable battery. I would never buy an iPad as I dont like control freaks who steal my location data and define what I can or can not do with MY hardware. Plus, how can Apple be trusted with its outright lies about the iPhone4. So Palm, make something I can sit on the sofa, in bed, on holiday, in the cafe, library, waiting room, school, bog without looking ashamed.

  13. JohnG


    Siemens was selling the SIMpad about a decade before anyone had heard of the iPad. I'm sure Apple will be aware of previous uses of "pad".

  14. lpopman

    titular announcement

    Hmm, I smell a generic term here. I always thought the part of the palm going from wrist to little finger was called a pad, hence it would be a palm-pad.

  15. hyartep
    Jobs Horns

    apple's inventive names

    also, apple was not very inventive, when they named pad as ipad and phone as iphone

  16. Kevin7

    All in the name

    Didn't Apple have a little trouble with Cisco over the name "iPhone"?

    1. Chris 211

      I remember...

      I think Apple licensed the used of iOS from Cisco as IOS is the os used on routers/switches etc. Apple know not to piss off the proper BIG boys. Cisco would flick apple into next tuesday. I confess I am a Cisco fanboi. At least its understandable with Cisco ;)

  17. Anonymous Coward

    Apple would be hard pressed...

    ...after all wasn't the HP (Compaq) iPAQ around before the iPad,iPod, iPhone?

    1. Zebidee


      If Apple were hard pressed, wouldnt you get apple juice?

      I can hear jobs filling a patent already....

      Preffer cider myself....

  18. Frank Bough
    Dead Vulture

    I'm so fucking bored

    with Reg articles on Apple. They are all shit. Every single bastard one of them. SHIT.

    This site has been reduced to a pathetic stream of Apple gossip, speculation and innuendo. A once decent read is now worse than most Apple fan blogs ever were. Jesus, Think Secret was better than this.

    Grow the fuck up.

    1. Player_16

      Though 'Steve Jobs' is in that bit under the headline... HAD to read it anyway knowing full well there will be a mention about Apple.

      Sucked in like a moth to (a) flame.

    2. Anonymous Coward

      I agree...

      ..the Beatles were overhyped shit. So stop metioning their crappy label.

  19. Sebastian Brosig


    is Jobs going to allow me selling organic peas (in pods!) from my garden on iTunes? no? Ahh, they don't do groceries (yet). But Surely that's a whole new can of Apple-store-police-worms waiting to be opened. Oh, and we grow apples as well, shock horror.

    1. Eddy Ito


      or iPeas if you please.

  20. Alan Sharkey


    Can I register "NOTEPAD" as a trademark then?

  21. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Should any body tell Jobs

    about iBM?

    Perhaps nobody dares!

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