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The coalition government's Your Freedom site is having its third day of failures and the Treasury's Spending Challenge is currently down for maintenance. What maintenance is needed two days after launch is not clear. But the government's web status Twitter feed does tell us: "Some users will experience some problems while we …


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  1. url

    They are lucky the vulnerabilities didn't get passed onto 4chan /b/

    The goons of Somethingawful have been having fun with the several XSS vulnerabilities.

    They've kept it pretty innocent with page redirects and embedding images (think goatse & fish ass).

    Beyind that it's been pretyy standard trolling.

    I hope the coalition implement their deep/painful for everyone cuts as thoroughly as they did this site. We might not have as much to worry about.

    We can but hope I guess.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down


    Why the constant hatred of people having their say?

    Should the proles just shut up and leave it to the likes of you to give a nice sugar coated view to those in power?

    Those sites have been a great success, if only to show the government how truly out of touch they are with what is said by real people rather than reporters. The very fact that many of the suggestions were stupid should tell the government a lot about how bad things have become.

    1. Sarah Bee (Written by Reg staff)

      Re: why?

      Why? Because thousands of shouty people shouting incoherently about how things should be better just ends up as meaningless wordsludge that helps no one and progresses nothing, least of all the cause of free speech.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Call trafigura

        You need to ditch that toxic sludge somewhere, no?

    2. Anonymous Coward

      The plebs is revolting.

      Bloody right I hope this, the last, and the next government aren't in touch with the shouty underclass of this blighted isle.

    3. Doshu

      There's a fine line...

      ... between freedom of speech and giving a bunch of retarded racist garbage a forum to shout their insanity at the rest of the world.

      I am in no way implying that everyone posting there is either racist or retarded... but reasonable people are neither the most strident or the ones at issue here.

      1. Sean Timarco Baggaley


        Actually, no. Even retarded racist garbage have the *same right* to freedom of speech.

        What *nobody* has, however, is a right to "freedom from consequences". If you broadcast your racist worthlessness to the public at large, you have no "right" to demand that said public treats you as anything other than a worthless racist moron.

        (This is also why there is no "right" to demand your opinion shares equal value with those of everyone else.)

        I appreciate this concept of "freedoms" seems to be so complex for some—particularly Daily Fail fans—but it's really not that hard. You're free to shout "FIRE!" in a crowded theatre, but you're not free from the consequences of that action: your rights do not trump the rights of others. Ever. And vice-versa.

        1. I didn't do IT.

          Err - Logic @ S.T.B

          "...your rights do not trump the rights of others. Ever. And vice-versa."

          Wouldn't that be, "...your rights do not trump the rights of others. Ever. And the rights of others do not trump your rights." If so, that would imply that either the rights of others, "b", at some point in time trump your rights, "a", or that "a" trumps "b" at some time, unless they are equal at all times.

          But, we know that can't be the case. Your (and my) rights are not equal to the rights of others all the time... unless you don't count the "better" people...

  3. Arnold Lieberman

    Nothing to do with pissed-off soon-to-be-sacked IT staff?

    Of course not! Professionals to a man/woman/person of alternative gender.

  4. Lionel Baden
    Thumb Up


    there is future left for human kind

    I envision a future where all we do is go and troll other sentient life forms.

    Just look at the football

    Biggest LOL was when the players started complaining about the horns Then EVERYBODY who watched the football went and purchased one !!!

    Ahh the human race is only here to troll the rest of the universe :D

    im happy

    1. Doshu

      It's all fun and games

      Until someone has the brilliant idea to broadcast the horns to the universe via radio telescope and some pissed-off aliens squash us like bugs.

      Either that or their complaints will make other aliens purchase horns and join in the fun.

    2. Adrian Esdaile

      My God, it's full of stars!

      "Ahh the human race is only here to troll the rest of the universe :D"

      THANK YOU!

      You have just found the meaning of life, for humans at least.

  5. Number6

    What do you expect?

    It is a government IT project, after all.

  6. Anonymous Coward

    In answer to your question

    "Where to go for unmoderated racist Raoul Moat-supporting garbage in the meantime?"

    The comments section on an appropriate El Reg story?

  7. Anonymous Coward

    Where to go for unmoderated racist Raoul Moat-supporting garbage in the meantime?

    The D*ily M*il?

  8. envmod


    lol at anyone from Arcturus 3

  9. SlabMan

    Government websites

    Hot on the heels of the report on Government website overspend, this site, and the similar sites aimed at identifying savings were launched. Commendably, they went for a low tech solution (WordPress) and tried to keep costs to a minimum. Howver, I think they've now demonstrated that there is a happy medium and government websites should be designed to handle peak traffic.

  10. OffBeatMammal


    I'm impressed so far with ... a similar initiative here in the home of freedmom and democracy (yeah, I know. like cricket and football... Britain invented it and then prompty forgot how to do it properly)

    given the sheer seething mass of humanity that makes up the US - and the very diverse viewpoints - I expected this would degenerate very quickly, but the up/down vote filtering has certainly allowed it to find its level (even after a visit from the 4chan folks) ... and it's been stable and working the whole time

    Looks like the Made In Britain legacy of British Leyland is still with us.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward


      Two clicks yields:

      "The USA don't need socialist measures such [...] banning child labor [...] if we want to stay competitive against giants like India and China."

      I tried to view the responses to this remark:

      "Something Happened. We could not retrieve the responses for this question. Please retry your request."

      We didn't invent "freedmom" or democracy. We also didn't invent breathlessly unaware patriotism - but, yes, that one is very much your bag these days.

  11. ThePoliticalCripple
    Gates Horns

    A few basics to get right

    I think that the absence of these much loved Government Web Portals may have a connection with the reports from around 7.00 am today of most off video feeds being added for the public's edification!

    There is also a problem in skills base and the presentation of profanity - which a pubescent Web master could get right!

    have a look at this lot

    1. heyrick Silver badge

      @ ThePoliticalCripple

      Errr... what do you have against custard?

  12. TkH11

    @AC why?

    I don't think lots of stupid messages, ideas being posted on the sites does tell the government anything about how bad things have become.

    I think the government already knows how bad the country has become in: economic terms, in terms of bad behaviour from people on the council estates, in terms of crime, and so on.

    All the silly suggestions really show is that there are a lot of idiots, morons (I use the word literally - of low IQ) in this country. That's what it shows. Nothing new in that, this is the UK after all: we have one of the most crap education systems there is, the highest number of teenage pregnacnies in Europe, quite a high rate of illiteracy too.

    What does one expect with a population like that?

    In principle, having a website to engage the public was a nice idea, but the chavs and morons in this country were bound to ruin it. Anyone with a modicum of intelligence could have seen that before the websites went live.

    1. John Lilburne


      Do you think that any one with a modicum of intelligence takes either of those crappy websites seriously? They come up with a gimmick, a bloody suggestion box for fucks sake, and expect that we'll accept that as "Government engaging with the electorate".

      Its the same stupid piss poor academic management crap we all saw in the 1980s. This bollocks is 25 years old. Nick and Dave *sneer* I recall a subsidiary of a company I worked for in the mid 80s bring in a bunch of these management consultants they spent £50,000 on the consultancy and it amounted to changing the names on the office doors from Mr Smith and Mr Jones to Peter and Paul. The MD of the section I was in told it like this "They've spent 1000s on this and now they are all running about calling each other by their first name. I know what to call them ' a bunch of fucking cunts' that what they are".

  13. bbw18york

    Me mobile

    I was at the laundrette last week and a chav fancied me mobile and nicked it. If any you m8s seen me mobile please tell me fanks m8

    1. orange-juice

      thank you

      I was becoming depressed by the commentary here until I reached your post. It actually made me laugh.

  14. Ed Jackson


    They've taken it down completely and replaced it with an email form.

  15. ShaggyDoggy


    This show just how out of touch HMG are with the people who voted them in, all those weeks ago. They now find that the population is made up of the product of the 80's Thatcher cuts "education" system, and they wonder why ........

    1. Peter Gathercole Silver badge

      Education, education, education.

      If you think that the 90's and 00's generations are any better educated, think again.

      The rot started setting in in the mid 70's when education had to become non-competitive, and we started having a one-size-fits-all so called comprehensive system that treated everybody as if they were slightly below average.

      Removing competition from the brightest led to bored kids, and teaching over the head of the slowest led to disruptive kids.

      It's funny that in today's comprehensive system, they have re-introduced streaming

  16. The_Police!


    In reponse to your question:

    "Where to go for unmoderated racist Raoul Moat-supporting garbage in the meantime?"

    There is always, The Daily Mail and The Daily Express!

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