back to article Frenchman takes the helm at Sage

Accountancy and small biz software specialist Sage has found a replacement for departing chief executive Paul Walker. Its an internal promotion for Guy Berruyer, who is currently in charge of Sage's Europe and Asia business. He gets the top group job from 1 October. Paul Walker will stay with Sage until 1 December to ensure a …


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  1. Peter Storm

    My company uses Sage. It's utter shite.

    Thank God I don't have to use it.

  2. nichomach

    @ Peter Storm

    I believe you mean "merde"...

  3. CD001



    Berruyer has had a successful 13 year career with Sage, overseeing both organic growth and acquisitions.


    So is he the scumbag responsible for the ProTX buyout, which Sage then managed to break? Downtime much?

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