back to article Home Office publishes draft reform plan

Information sharing, the publication of crime data and support for the e-Borders programme are all in the Home Office Structural Reform Plan. A draft (pdf) of the plan has been published on the department's website. It places an emphasis on tackling crime and anti-social behaviour, increasing the accountability of the police, …


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  1. mhoulden
    Black Helicopters

    All well and good....

    But what about putting ACPO onto a proper statutory basis as well? As people here probably know, this is a private limited company called "THE ASSOCIATION OF CHIEF POLICE OFFICERS OF ENGLAND, WALES AND NORTHERN IRELAND" according to their Companies House record. The registration number is 03344583 and they are exempt from using Ltd. Their Scottish equivalent is "ASSOCIATION OF CHIEF POLICE OFFICERS IN SCOTLAND", reg no SC310956. Why is a private company making decisions about policing policy and receiving Home Office funding to do so? Either they should become a proper quango or be abolished and have their staff subsumed into the Home Office.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      I'm for abolition

      They should be put in a bag and drowned along with CEOP. Policing in this country should be transparent and accountable, particularly at the top levels. This is the only way in which we can combat corruption and behind-the-scenes political involvement in police matters.

      1. NorthernMonkey

        Drowned along with who now?

        Do you actually mean CEOP - the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre?

        You want to drown the Competent Authority (yes it is, it's part of SOCA) in charge of tackling the exploitation of children?

        Just do me a favour, read their remit ( again and confirm you want to drown them before I judge you to be an idiot.

        1. Anonymous Coward

          Yes CEOP

          The people who think that cajoling a US based website into publishing a pointless 'panic button' as a knee-jerk response to a crime which would not have been prevented by such is a useful way to spend my taxes.

          By all means, have a part of the police devoted to tackling crime against minors, this is a laudable goal. But not CEOP, and not headed by Jim Gamble. CEOP is a political instrument not a policing one.

  2. Anonymous Coward


    I would have thought that as a non-governmental organization they already are a quango.

    1. Ed Blackshaw Silver badge

      That would be an NGO

  3. John Smith 19 Gold badge

    QA=Quasi autonomous

    Or perhaps a term more familiar to El Reg readers

    "Sock puppet."

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