back to article Thieves steal 3,000 laptops from US Special Ops contractor

Thieves lifted 3,000 laptops from a military contractor for the US Special Operations Command in a leisurely nine-hour robbery back in March, it has emerged. According to the St Petersburg Times the brazen bandits loaded a brace of trucks with the lappies and a pile of other kit in the robbery at the offices of US contractor …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down

    Significant digits

    "around 1,911"

    There are roughly 9.59235 things wrong with that statement.

  2. Anonymous Coward

    Reminds me...

    ...of a certain BT exchange in central London......

  3. Anonymous Coward

    ho hum...

    Just because they are contracted to supply IT equipment to spec forces doesn't mean that Delta Force are guarding their warehouse your know.

    /nade obvious.

  4. James Hughes 1

    Miami Date PD?

    Send in Horatio!

    He'll have it all by within 45 minutes. As usual.

  5. Jelliphiish


    to the ebay-mobile

    also: playmobile or it never happenned

  6. The BigYin


    ...I've got a crappy webcam. It cost about £15. It came with some crappy software. Guess what?

    I can plug that sucker in and set it to "alarm" when it detects motion. For £15. Sweet.

    I am no expert but I would guess that there are much better commercial system available (possible even open source ones) what could "alarm" as well can get a human to look and see if there is something really kooky going on and even call the cops if the human doesn't respond in time.

    Actually, I know there are as I have seen the demo of just such a home safety system (Linux based, I forget the exact details, it was some kind of home entertainment/automation system too).

    Of course if you want to supply kit to ne'erdowells in a manner with plausible deniability, a "robbery" is probably the best way.

    1. neil 15


      Is that Linux based one. It is actually quite good.

    2. Anonymous Coward

      Linux MCE

      "Actually, I know there are as I have seen the demo of just such a home safety system (Linux based, I forget the exact details, it was some kind of home entertainment/automation system too)."

      Think you are looking for LinuxMCE

    3. frank ly

      Some know, some don't even know they don't know.

      Ahhhh, you're one of those guys who knows stuff and knows how to find out about stuff.

  7. This post has been deleted by its author

  8. Anonymous Coward

    What happened to the other $435M?

    3000 Toughbooks, even all decked out, might run around $15M. Where did the other $435M go?

  9. John Dougald McCallum


    The kind of alarms that call the cops is so old that one textile firm that I worked for had the message on a 78rpm record I kid you not.

  10. John Smith 19 Gold badge
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    Nearly 2/3 of the haul recovered


    Hard to believe that by now they still have *no* idea who done it though.

  11. Version 1.0 Silver badge

    Not as hard as you'd think.

    I worked in an office park in Tampa just like that one some time ago - they are completely deserted at the weekend. In America so nobody walks around anyway but there'll be no cars driving around or anything. Nobody - they are like a desert!

    When I was there a new company was setting up and had all their furniture delivered one week and thieves broke in over the weekend and stole every chair, desk, bookcase and filing cabinet in the building!

  12. tuna 1

    Special O.... What?

    RSS feed stopped at "Special O..."

    I thought it was a new low for crime and they had ripped-off the Special Olympics!

    Luckily, just another iWar military contractor making $$$ hand over fist.

    9 hours??? Let's hope the iDiots handled their iNsurance policies as well as their iInTheSky.

  13. Neal 5


    Everyone knows that war efforts stop at 4PM for a cup of tea, not an entire day. Guess that's amerrrrrrrrrrrrrcun globalizaaaaaaaaaaashun for yah. Fuck'em it ain't coming outa my pocket.

  14. Anonymous Coward
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    They own the name iGov (and Apple doesn't?)

    That's Steve Jobs' plans for world domination scuppered, then.

  15. James O'Brien

    Please tell me im not the only one who noticed this?

    "To add insult to injury, the St Petersburg Times"

    Apparently the Russkies werent spying on "US" they were trying to keep an eye out for news-worthy items. . .

  16. David McMahon

    All they need now...

    Is Gary Mckinnon to be able to use them

    unfortunately he is facing life imprisonment for embarrassing the US Gov so

    note to thieves try

    1, "Password"

    2, "Admin"

    Look for the gold plated one for the top Brass!

  17. Marvin the Martian

    So the actual danger didn't happen...

    They could have broken in for 2-3hours, loaded malicious stuff onto the lappies, scarper off and never be found out?

    Don't see why the article makes a point of them being closed on saturday --- it's not like anyone's working then in the gov offices they'll deliver the lappies to.

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