back to article Jobsian remote access app comes to Android

LogMeIn has released an Android version of its popular remote PC-access tool, LogMeIn Ignition. Ignition was originally built for the iPhone, providing remote access to your PC or Mac from the holy Jobsian handset. And naturally, it's now available for the iPad as well. Like the iPhone/iPad incarnation, the Android version …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Non story

    Also available are telnet/ssh/VNC, and rdesktop apps - so why bother with log me in...

    1. MarkOne


      Already on android and FREE.. Instant Fail....

      1. Doug 3

        but not marketed to those who don't know about VNC

        I'm still surprised who many Windows types have no idea what is out there and don't even bother to look. If it's not in a magazine they get or some other Windows type shown them, it does not exist.

        I also know of a company which uses VNC but when I mentioned using open source software, I was told they were a Microsoft shop. OMG these people do exist.

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward


      a) sometimes people need control of a computer that isn't part of a corporate network with a secure way of connecting such as vpn and b) setting up port forwarding on a static IP isn't always an option for various reasons. Horses for courses I guess...

    3. Anonymous Coward
      Thumb Up

      Engage brain...

      Why bother?

      Because my parents, my brother and various friends wouldn't have the first idea how to install and set up the advanced tools you list. Logmein can be installed by all of the people I mention and has proved invaluable in sorting out their PC problems remotely. It's always worth remembering that relatively few people are IT literate to your level.

  2. Dan S

    Easier to use

    For the average person LogMeIn is very easy to setup and use. My recollection is that it dealt with firewalls rather nicely.

    But for the average Reg reader AC is right about ssh, vnc etc...

  3. Chz

    I looked at these sorts of RDP apps and...

    ...for the life of me, I couldn't figure out *WHY* I would want to log into my home PC.

    I can see it for those using VNC or SSH - they've got servers running that may need tending to. But for the normal home user, why on earth would you want to use your phone to log into your PC? To download a video and cremate your monthly data cap? Even then, there are plenty of cheaper (free) options to share a drive as a secure web site.

    Can someone explain this to me? I'm obviously missing something big here.

    1. Piers


      See post "Engage brain..."

      I've used it for all sorts of support. The big thing is you can get the user to install the client by talking to them on the phone, when they wouldn't know what a router or firewall was if you told them.

      For hard code stuff, yeah, the others are good, prob better, alternatives.

  4. David 138


    I have been waiting for this app as we use it ALOT with our work. But bugger that!!!

    "Ignition was originally built for the iPhone"

    No it wasnt it was built to allow easy connection for there website accounts from desktops etc. It came first to iPhone in the mobile market would be more appropriate.

    We dont want apple claiming to have invented even more. They all ready have claims to have created the universe before god and the badger.

    1. Captain Jack


      I could be wrong here but "Ignition" was originally built for the iPhone, the logmein client was built to allow easy remote access but the specific "Ignition" software was an app created for the iPhone to allow it to connect to the standard logmein desktop client.

    2. Anonymous Coward

      So wrong...

      "It came first to iPhone in the mobile market would be more appropriate."

      Poppy cock. Logmein was available for Windows CE and Windows 5.0/6.1 for years.

      It requires IE and the standard windows keyboard, so you couldn't use Opera mini and say, the HTC keyboards. Granted, the iPhone app is more polished, but this is nothing new.

  5. D@v3

    use Team Viewer

    Almost exactly the same as LogMeIn, but is free both for the pc, and iPhone (for non comercial use)

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up

    See also

    See also UltraVNC SingleClick.

    Is it hilarious or is it embarrassing listening to these paytards (sic) saying things like "The big thing is you can get the user to install the client by talking to them on the phone, when they wouldn't know what a router or firewall was if you told them." when UltaVNC SingleClick has done that (on Windows PCs, admittedly) for years, and costs nowt.

    1. Nigel R Silver badge

      Logmein for iPhone not cheap - try this free app first

      If $30 seems a bit much just to try out your proof of concept, try instead. Provides control of a PC or Mac from iPod Touch or iPhone. I use it as a remote control when the lappy is connected to the TV. Allows control from another computer also, but Free limits you to 2 controlled computers.

      Hint: Reboot the PC to be controlled after installing the app on it.

    2. Matt_V

      erm yes but

      logmein also offers a free account which is perfectly good enough to rescue a grandparents laptop should the need arise (as it has).

  7. OffBeatMammal

    nice, but expensive

    LogMeIn as a casual support tool is okay... but Windows has this built in nowadays with Remote Assistance. Sure, doesn't work on an iPhone or Android, but do you really want to do a lot of work in a poxy little screen when a PC is better suited to the task...

    for $30 I'd expect it to come with a Latte maker.

    VNC and RDP/RDC are not good at firewall busting.... Windows Live Mesh, SharedView, Sync, Remote Assistance all help with that negotiotion though... and are free

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