back to article Intel claims 'best quarter ever'

Intel announced its second-quarter earnings today, with numbers that add up to what chief Paul Otellini called "the best quarter in the company's 42-year history." The mega-chipmaker's revenue for the quarter was $10.8bn and 51 cents per share. According to the Wall Street Journal, the consensus of top moneymen was that …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    inflation adjustments dropped, of course.

    "the best quarter in the company's 42-year history "

    In dollars, not inflation-adjusted, of course. Quite meaningless statement by it self.

    It's not a difficult task when inflation runs at about 10% yearly, ie. same amount of stuff sold gives you 10% more money and everyone are happy because revenue increased.

    On paper, at least and Otellini don't say anything about real numbers.

    1. Flybert

      wt icon says

      what inflation on computers or servers ? ..

      either price is same with better chips, or cheaper for slightly dated boxen

      at least in US .. I update a computer store's prices about every 6 weeks as webmaster, and the 7 basic price schemes from $349 to $1095 just get updated to better Intel chips, faster and/or more RAM ( as the motherboards get upgraded ) ...

      All Intel shop since 1996 ...

    2. Mark G Forbes

      Inflation adjusted

      IF inflation was 10% per annum, there might be a valid criticism here. But it's not, and it hasn't been for quite a while. In fact, the long term average has been sub-3% in recent years:

      Intel is a global company, and this is US data, so there are clearly more factors at play given

      the global market for chips, but I don't think it's a stretch to argue that this is Intel's best quarter.

      Tux, cuz that's what the chips in the servers do.....

This topic is closed for new posts.

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