back to article Iomega eGo Desktop USB 3.0 external HDD

As USB 3.0 emerges from its infancy and begins to take strides towards industry standardisation in 2011, more and more manufacturers are keen to launch products which demonstrate their ability to utilise the benefits of the newly revised interface. Iomega eGo Desktop USB 3.0 Iomega's eGo Desktop USB 3.0: nippy Today’s …


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  1. mafoo


    Where'd 'eGo? Could 'a' sworn I saw him a second ago...

  2. J 3

    Cool, but...

    OK, it looks interesting. But the brand Iomega brings back bad memories from the days of the unbelievably unreliable Zip drives and cartridges (I had the 100 MB version some 10 years ago or so, and it was always getting corrupted and non-readable; other friends had similar horror stories). The disk itself is Seagate, but still, the bad taste lingers...

  3. Alastair 7

    A little difficult to give it 75%...

    When you don't know the price, no?

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