back to article Why Microsoft took its cloud private

Tongues were wagging that Microsoft was set to announce a cloudy infrastructure and data center partnership with Japanese server maker Fujitsu sometime this week. And it turns out that what Microsoft actually did at its Worldwide Partner Conference in Washington, DC on Monday was tap Dell, HP, and Fujitsu to deliver private or …


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  2. gnufreex
    Paris Hilton

    ^Isn't it obvious?

    They want to lock people in. Cloud has big potential for locking in masses of users and businesses in single move and Microsoft wants to exploit that. They have taken steps to remove competition first (Salesforce lawsuit, they didn't have luck yet as it got back to them, strongly) and now want to put hand in people's pockets. But they wont settle only for money. They would go for balls if unfortunate victim decides to even look at non-microsoft option. And if unfortunate victim tries to move away from Microsoft, Microsoft wills squeeze hard.

    That's the nature of the beast. When someone points at this to M$ sales rep, then they kind of say: "Well it's our stratey/bottom line/your user expirience..." like there is no other model to make money other than overreaching into peoples businesses or lives. People should respond to this by saying: "I don't give a crap about your bottom line or "user experience", I WAN'T YOUR HAND OUT OF MY PANTS!!"

    Paris, because she might not want.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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