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YouTube has launched an updated version of its YouTube Mobile website ( ) designed for HTML5-capable browsers such as the iPhone's Safari and those on Android-based phones. "[The update] incorporates the features and functionality you've come to expect from the .com site, like search query suggestions, the options …


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  1. Tony Barnes

    Sony W995

    My SE came with a youtube widget, great I thought, until I used it. Could barely make out what was going on, terrible quality. Went straight to the youtube site, played from there, bingo, eminently watchable.

  2. Anonymous Coward

    It's all falling into place.

    HTML5 Enabled mobile site..

    As soon as Chrome and Android are WebM enabled, Google will switch off the H.264 video support and leave apple owners out in the cold, with the jobsian walled city of despair..

    LOL.. Anyone buying an iPhone4 must frankly, be an idiot, when a HTC Desire is half the money and twice as good and not locked into this flash-less world.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Thumb Up


      Yeah, YouTube users would be idiots not to choose Google lock-in. Apple lock-in might not work with Google sites in future. FUD FTW.

    2. John 62


      If HTC (or at the lower level Broadcom/Samsung/TI/Freescale/etc) puts hardware WebM decoding into their devices, perhaps. Until then, everyone's using h264 because the SoCs are designed to decode it efficiently.

    3. ThomH Silver badge

      Sounds unlikely to me

      Your theory is that YouTube/ may have spent several years encoding all video in H.264, which is deliverable as Flash or as HTML5 video tag to H.264 supporting browsers, and every handset out there currently has H.264 hardware, but they'll somehow magically overnight have it all re-encoded as WebM and will stop caring about support for their own handsets (at least, using the hardware decoder that allows the battery to run for more than about a minute and a half) or for people viewing through Flash?

      Or was your theory that they'll keep encoding as H.264 for Flash and for Android devices and just cut Apple out of the loop? That sounds like it'd go down brilliantly with competition regulators.

      I suspect your comprehension is demonstrated by your HTC Desire comment. You seem to be talking exclusively about the 1% of people that buy phones without a contract and are under the impression that £390 is 50% of £499? The Nexus One is oddly still £490 unlocked — so what's that in your estimation, two thirds the price of an iPhone?

    4. Anonymous Coward


      Stop being so fucking offensive.

      And you are completely and utterly wrong, and the reason I know this is because of a horrible thing in our society called capitalism and greed - YouTube are *not* going to shut off a revenue stream from millions and millions of people, so stop being so fucking competitive and offensive.

  3. Daveh

    HTML5 Identification Fail

    HTML 5 where?

    Cursory examination of the page shows:

    XHTML1, not HTML5, not XHTML5. Also, no use of video tag anywhere.

    No embedded video, no video tag nada.

    The comments about it being a better method of delivery compared to the Native application - totally true. The re-posting of hype from another website without any investigation - TOTAL fail.

    If you really wanna know the webpage redirects to a 3gp version of the video which can be downloaded and played locally.

  4. steve harris
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    Who needs flash! fine on an iPhone4 and wifi

    (where's the saintly google boys icon when you need one?)

  5. John 62

    vuvuzela button

    it's useless without the vuvuzela button. bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

  6. Ian Ferguson
    Jobs Horns


    Now, Apple, please can you let me delete the YouTube app from my iPhone, seeing as I never use it? Or at least delete the icon from my desktop? Same goes for the Stocks app.

    1. Anonymous Coward
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      I created a folder for those two and a couple of others and labelled it "Useless" and put it on a screen all by itself, so I never have to view them.

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Use 'Restrictions' settings to remove YouTube app

      You can use Settings->General->Restrictions to make the YouTube app invisible. Sadly, you can't get rid of the Stocks app this way.

  7. steve harris

    @anonymous coward 0904GMT

    Good grief!

    Could it just happen to be that there are some people with an objective set of requirements that are not influenced by the Apple brand for whom the new iPhone might just be 'the right phone'?

    Or are you not willing to even entertain that thought?

    I happen to like that final UI polish for which Apple are noted and I think it's worth the extra outlay for a phone - an intensely personal gadget that goes with me everywhere - over the time that I - and indeed the rest of my family - will be using it.


    Personally I think flash is sh1t - I don't use it on any of my own computers or sanction any development in Flex (we do XForms in our group) because it bugs the hell out of me - but it's the third thing I install after antivirus and firefox on my kids (windows) machines.... see - no fanboi tendencies there!

    Yes, it will be very interesting to see what happens next wrt codec lockin. But I kind of expect it to be a Mexican standoff - too many people have too many conflicting interests to start a war.


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