back to article iPhone 4G blingmobe: Yours for £13k

The fanbois among you who haven't spunked all your wad on sex toys may be interested in flashing the cash on the iPhone 4G Diamond Edition - an absolute snip at £12,995. The iPhone 4 Diamond Edition The Apple blingphone is described as "another masterpiece" from Liverpool-based Stuart Hughes. The blurb explains: "The whole …


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  1. Smallbrainfield

    Yes, but

    How does all that bling affect reception?

  2. Kravex


    can it get a signal in your left hand?

  3. styx-tdo


    is that enough insulation to provent signal dropping?

  4. The old man from scene 24


    The iPhone is the ultimate throw away toy (gauging from the popularity of every new version) and diamond are forever.

    What gives?

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Well damn

    I came here to make a joke about the reception yet people have beat me to it.

  6. TeeCee Gold badge
    Paris Hilton


    Is Ostrich foot proven to be a better antenna insulator than the standard Apple case offering?

    I've no idea what the global population of Ostriches is, but if that multiplied by two is exceeded by the number of fanbois, the bloody things could be endangered.

    Or in wheelchairs at least.

    Paris, that other well-known flightless bird.

    1. Restricted Access

      RE: Ostrich

      "the bloody things could be endangered."

      Nah, the feet are most likely sourced from ostrich farms found in the UK.

  7. MGman

    Aim higher...

    I'd rather have the solid Platinum ipad SUPREME Edition

    At a mere £299,995.00.

    But hurry, it's a limited edition of only 5.

    1. Gareth 18

      How lovely

      £300k on a device that won't be able to view the flash based website you bought it on.

    2. DrXym Silver badge


      Like most "limited" editions, I suspect it's only "limited" by the number of people stupid and rich enough to fork out for it.

  8. lglethal Silver badge

    one point...

    "There is no finer, purer, or rarer gem than the diamond"...

    Umm actually there are many gems rarer then diamonds. When discussing gem rarity, diamonds are about as abundant as fat people at an all you can eat buffet, in comparison to most gems that is...

    If it was so rare, you wouldnt see every chav wearing it, would you? I mean you dont see Sapphire bling everyday do you?

    1. Anonymous Coward

      not rare?

      they're the most expensive & popular though aren't they? -i know that doesn't necessarily equate to rare but still..

      what's rarer than diamond and why is it cheaper?

    2. Martin 71 Silver badge
      Thumb Up

      I wondered about that too

      If someone were to report them to the ASA they might have a hard time proving diamonds are rare.

      1. Ben Raynes


        "There is no finer, purer, or rarer gem than the diamond"...

        Except for tanzanite.

        Or white sapphires.

        Or anything else on this ( list.

        Although pure red diamonds seem to be exceedingly rare. They're not on this phone though.

      2. Eddy Ito

        Basic supply and demand

        Diamonds are in greater demand than things like benitoite or taaffeite which run half or less than the price of diamonds and yet are much rarer. Then again you've never see an ad saying benitoite is a girl's best friend. I imagine the good salesman would say that each diamond is unique and therefore just as rare as every other unique gemstone, you know in the way you tell the kids... just like everybody else.

    3. Mike Flugennock
      Thumb Up

      True dat...

      ...and, as I recall, the "rarity" of diamonds is due to an artificial scarcity maintained by the manufacturers.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        i always liked

        that artificial diamonds can now be made to such a quality, that you have to use all sorts of tests to be able to distinguish them from "natural" diamonds.

        so to the end user it makes no difference whatsoever, but who would ever want a "fake" diamond.

  9. Anonymous Coward
    Jobs Horns

    13k for a phone

    That flashes on the outside and doesn't do flash on the inside?

  10. Campbeltonian

    Splashing out £12,995...

    ...seems to be the only way to obtain the unobtainable white iPhone, at any rate.

    I've got to say, despite how ridiculous this is, it's at least nice to see one of these 'luxury' phones loaded with software designed around usability. Nothing depresses me more than seeing thousands of pounds worth of diamond-encrusted mobile phone running Nokia Series 40.

  11. Neil 51

    Well, nobody's going to buy that...

    It's not like iPhone owners are likely to be the kind of people with disposable income and a severe lack of imagination when it comes to spending it, who can be easily convinced to buy anything shiny.

  12. JaitcH
    Paris Hilton

    If people are dumb enough to buy a ...

    defective cell phone, there must be a good chance that some of the dummies would buy a bling covered defective telephone.

    Double dumb.

  13. Mike Flugennock
    Jobs Horns

    Celebrate your stupidity, more like... pissing away 13 grand on a diamond-encrusted Jesus Phone. Be tracked by marketing scum in style.

    Dog only knows what effect all those diamonds will have on the reception issue.

    Y'know, I've used MacOS exclusively and loved it since 1985 -- my first computer ever was a Mac 512K -- but I've gotta tell ya, Steverino's been nothing but an embarassment and a big, fat pain in the ass for the past five or six years.

  14. John 62
    Jobs Halo

    let me be the first to say...

    that Apple doesn't make an iPhone 4G :)

    Though I'm sure I'm not the first, or the last!

  15. Anonymous Hero

    Just like lipstick on a turd?

    Mines the flameproof jacket.....

  16. Chris Eaton

    There is a reson for this -

    These phones are pure tax rightoff ,plain and simple.

    Diamonds are forever but phones certainly arent and there reaches a point when you are so rich you can really spend it like water.

    You then have the diamonds removed when you are bored of the phone and sell them for a nice tidy little payout

    Thats what I reckon - ever since I found out Elton John spent 250K in a year on flowers...

  17. Will 28

    But they did it last time, so surely there's a market?

    This isn't the first chav encrusted iPhone to infect our screens. It was done before, I think by the same people, so someone is clearly buying it. You don't have that number of diamonds to throw into a prototype in order to screw it up twice!

    Unless there's another business model - hmm, very mobile forms of cash are these sparkly things.

  18. Anonymous Coward

    You'll have to raise the offer

    There's no way i'm showing myself up by using that for less than 15K

  19. Dan P

    The Weighty iPad

    With regard to the iPad mentioned earlier in the comments...

    "...solid Platinum rear section which weighs in at a huge 2,700 grams."

    Is boasting that you've added 2.7Kg to a device which is supposed to be highly portable really something that people will think is cool enough to pay nearly £300,000 for? Personally I'd prefer to pay significantly less for something that fulfils it's purpose significantly better.

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