back to article Microsoft set to make small job cuts, says report

Microsoft is reportedly set to lay off more staff, although the number of people expected to be shown the door is relatively conservative given the size of the company. According to Todd Bishop over at TechFlash, the software vendor could announce the job cuts later today. Redmond, which currently employs 88,596 workers, will …


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  1. OffBeatMammal

    hadn't gotten back to us?

    Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't part of the charm of El Reg that it's written by people for whom English is the ir first language.

    Seeing Americanisms like "gotten back to us" creep in rather upsets my digestion.

    what next... no "u" in colour and we have to start misspelling words so spellcheck will recognize them?


    As a Brit who moved to Australia and now lives in the US I find the differences and the blurring of the variants on English fascinating. I do hate that my daughter is now starting to sound like an extra off 90210 though!

    1. Brutus


      I don't think this is an Americanism, per se. I remember this construction being used when I was a child in Lancashire some thirty-odd years ago - long before our TV broadcasts were saturated with US-sourced tat.

  2. Hud Dunlap
    Thumb Down

    But what about the H1B visas.

    How many Americans will be laid off vs. the imported employees?

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