back to article Sony Ericsson updates Xperia X10

Sony Ericsson has begun releasing a firmware update for the Android-based Xperia X10 handset - reviewed here. The new software is being pushed out over the air on a territory by territory, operator by operator basis, the company indicated. It is available in the UK to download, here. According to SE, the update "focuses on …


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    Many of you have been asking about the software update coming to the Xperia X10 this summer and we are pleased to share the details of it today.

    This update will be gradually rolled out across our markets over the coming weeks, pending the completion of quality approvals for individual markets and operators. The first updates are now live across selected markets. Please check with your local Sony Ericsson customer support when the upgrade will be available for your market and network.

    When the update is available in your market you will receive a message in the notification bar of your X10. The easiest way to get the new software is to accept this update – you can use your mobile network connection or a WiFi connection for the download. Alternatively you can update your phone using your PC – please visit and follow the instructions.


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  2. Gary Gleeson

    Not if you have a Vodafone 'andset

    All the vodafone users are still waiting for this to release. Imagine my joy at seeing this after hundreds of posts on the VF e-forum.

    1. Adam W

      Ah, not just me then

      Never mind this firmware release, we VF users are still waiting for the *previous* release.

      This has been an epic fail on behalf of VF here, and judging on the silence - or stonewalling - by anyone you speak to at VF, and not just on the e-forum, it's not something that they appear to care about rectifying.

      So, El Reg, any chance of doing some asking on our behalf and getting some press about it?

  3. Jean-Paul

    But what about...

    Nice, but what about moving away from the old 1.6 and supplying an update to 2.2 now that would be nice for a so called top of the range phone...

    1. Adam W

      2.1 has already been announced

      ...but is a couple of months away. I suspect the speed of updates from Google is proving to be the problem for manufacturers here...

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