back to article NAO slams 'redundant' MoJ finance systems

A new National Audit Office report says that financial management at the Ministry of Justice is being hampered by unnecessary data systems. The department has a legacy of multiple data systems that make it less able to monitor its financial position and produce accurate and up-to-date reports, according to the document. …


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  1. John Smith 19 Gold badge

    "more than £10bn of expenditure" "£37Bn to Scottish and Welsh administrations"..

    Or rather we *think* they did.

    It sounds like there is no way to actually *know* how much they administered and who to.

  2. bikerboi87

    Not a surprise

    I got a fine for £100 fine for battery, £100 for resisting arrest and on top of that costs of £150, compensation of £50 and a 'victims surcharge' or £15 a year ago. Originally it was being taken out of my jobseekers, but when that switched from contribution based to income based, the DWP decided to stop taking the fine out of it. I then had to wrangle for with the court for months to actually let me pay my fine off. They said that their computer systems wouldn't let them do it without the DWP telling them

    In the end, I sent off a nasty letter to them recorded delivery and they phoned me up a day later to arrange how I was going to pay. Funny that isn't it?

    I managed to pay it off at the begining of this year, and they still haven't paid the compensation to the person I hit.....

    A bunch of incompetent arseholes is what I'd call the people that run the financial side of stuff. According to the BBC, they are owed £1.3 billion in unpaid fines.

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