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Presumably reasoning that the Xperia X10 - reviewed here - is a little on the large side, Sony Ericsson has cooked up two diminutive variations on the theme: the Xperia X10 Mini and the Qwerty keyboard equipped X10 Mini Pro. Xperia X10 Mini Sony Ericsson's Xperia X10: diminutive Maybe calling them the X6 and X7 was just …


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  1. nordwars

    Beebplayer discontinued

    Regarding your comment about BeebPlayer not showing in the market place, you can't blame SE for that - it has been discontinued and removed by the developer -

  2. benjymous


    If you really want a Qwerty Keyboard, you can install ThickButtons :

    I've tried it on mine, and it works, although the buttons are still a bit teeny to type on - I found I could type much faster going back to the 9 key predictive text system you get by default.

    I've had my x10 mini for about 3 weeks now, and am, on the whole, very happy with it. The only quirks I've found is that it has a habit of losing wifi signal until you turn the wifi off and on again (though this may be related to my ancient belkin router, as I haven't noticed the problem when connected to other hotspots) and its weird habit of being a bit sleepy in the mornings when it wakes to sound an alarm, leaving you stabbing frantically at the snooze button trying to make it shut up until it registers the press

    1. Danny 14


      although it isnt free, SWYPE is a fantastic replacement too. I can use swype faster than a small qwerty keyboard most of the time.

  3. Jim 48


    The BeebPlayer has been removed from the Market by it's author;

  4. Peter Bond
    Thumb Up

    Nice little handset

    The other half got one of these last week and despite my reservations it's not half bad. Maybe just a little too small, but very easy to slip into a jacket pocket without ruining the hang of the old whistle and surprisingly easy to use. Makes my Desire look like a breeze block when you put the two side by side. Impressive battery life too.

  5. Al Taylor
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    @ nordware

    Ah, that would explain it! Thanks for the heads up.

  6. mrdalliard


    My partner has just given her Blackberry curve up for the new Mini Pro - the same, but with a sideways slide-out keyboard. Most people would probably want the real keyboard instead, I would imagine. Nice device, though, but it does have a constraint or two. Some we've already noticed is the selective implementation of cut/paste and the inability to save a picture that someone sends you into your own gallery (you can add it to a contact or use it as a wallpaper, but can't save it). Hopefully that'll be rectified in a future release.

  7. EdC

    Alternate iPlayer app

    There is another bbc iplayer app on the android store. Search for myPlayer. It was very flaky at the start but its working much better now (though needs more work on the interface).

  8. K Price

    Games are missing because...

    by default QVGA screens aren't supported by an Android application - the developer has to explicitly specify in the application manifest that 320x240 screens should be supported. This is basically all the developer needs to do - apps get automatically downscaled to the smaller screen perfectly fine without a single line more code required other than this XML attribute set to true - but unless developers remember to do this, it won't appear in Market.

  9. Neil 51

    Yup, not a bad phone

    Got one last week - Was a bit wary as it's my first touchscreen phone (I like proper buttons) but I'm liking it so far and no problems with the small screen. I wanted a small phone to use mostly as an mp3 player and this fits into my pocket quite nicely. One thing I would say is that the shipped music player app can be a wee bit iffy, so any suggestion of a good replacement is welcome.

  10. Robert E A Harvey
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    Don't know about the phone,

    but 12/10 for "Android 'andset".

  11. Anonymous Coward

    a bit too small?

    i havent used it, but those dimensions are a little too small from just a quick square drawn

    on paper...i think the smallest I'd want to go for such a device is the HTC Wildfire

  12. Mr Brush

    Yes but...

    Android 1.6? Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

    Custom UI? Noooooooooooooooooooooooo!

    New phone should be running 2.1 as a minimum, and custom UIs just complicate things further.

  13. Lottie
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    Looks impressive

    I'm looking around for a decent smallish smartphone. This looks promising!

  14. Torben Mogensen

    Not free

    You say the X10 mini is "free with contract" from several providers. This is a contradiction in terms, and it is definitely not free -- the monthly costs are increased over standard contracts so as to cover the cost of the phone.

    If you want to mention a price, mention the minimum total cost during the contract period. All other prices are suspect, and "free" most of all.

  15. Mike Moyle

    I'm shocked -- SHOCKED, I say...!

    No "Non-user-replaceable battery...? How DARE they!??!" whingers...?

    Maybe you could change the title to something with "Apple" or "Jesus phone" to lure them in? I mean, SURELY, it couldn't be that it's only an issue for them when the product comes from Cupertino...


  16. Kathode Ray

    Sunny Swinton

    The town hall and memorial gardens are looking good. El Reg gets about

  17. EvilGav 1

    X10 Mini Pro

    I bought one of these at the weekend and it does have a user replacable battery, as well as the physical keyboard and is only £20 more than the Mini.

    The tiny screen is remarkably usable and the form factor is such that you don't notice carrying it around.

  18. Rob Davis

    SonyEricsson making a comeback: dinky size, flourishing Android OS, microSD not memorystick

    A Xenon bulb flash would have been welcome, but at least there is an LED one, rather than not at all.

    I'd go for the mini pro though for the qwerty keyboard as predictive text becomes tiresome sometimes.

  19. spencer

    picked up a mini pro on monday...

    Really good phone, one thing to consider if you pick one up (a pro) is that it doesn't have any sort of prediction or spellcheck.

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