back to article Big Blue buys BigFix

IBM continued today with its strategy of making relatively small but strategic acquisitions in software and services as it picked up BigFix, which makes a slew of management and security tools for the data center. Some of BigFix's products, particularly in power management, asset discovery, and server provisioning, overlap …


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  1. JP19

    In a matter of minutes...

    300 minutes? 1000?

  2. Anonymous Coward

    Patch Tuesday

    We've got an install of a similar product where I work, and I think it probably should be able to trigger all the required patches in a few minutes...

    The hardware bill for the servers to run it was nearly as high as the software bill for the application itself - and either would have been enough to run a small country for a few years.

    There products are great in theory - but by the time any company is looking at them, they've already got a poorly managed massive estate... That's why they're looking to spend millions after all. This therefore means you have massive inertia to get them deployed (changes in working practice, new processes, etc), as well as a massive overhead to then keep them relevant. The only solution to "legacy" environments that these try to homogonize is almost infinite cash - which isn't normally forthcoming once you've spent millions/billions on a solution like this.

    Sell the board of directors the dream, then shaft the guy on the floor because what you promised is impossible.

    Hmm - think something hit a raw nerve there.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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