back to article HK 'Dog Man' cuffed for voodoo ritual sex

A Hong Kong "voodoo master" dubbed the "Dog Man" is in court accused of duping a 20-year-old student into ritual sex to expel "ghost embryos", HK's The Standard reports. The victim, known only as Miss X, met 63-year-old acoustics technician Lo Fuk-yee* through his girlfriend Wong Mei-yin, "who was the janitor at X's school". …


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  1. nsld
    Paris Hilton

    fuk me

    these people will fall for any old spiritual shit if its sold well.

    Paris - clearly into her spiritual stuff

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Paris Hilton

      and me

      "X said Lo then fondled her belly, claiming it was a ritual to expel the first ghost embryo. She had to have sex with him to expel the second." "agreed to moan to make the ritual effective".

      I'm sorry, but really! How dumb can people be?

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      That's true

      It's also the very effective business model of the International Church of Institutionalised Child Buggery & Denial (AKA the Catholic Church).

      Sometimes I wish I did believe in spiritual shit, even though all of it is patently utter bollocks that stands up to no scrutiny whatsoever, as being able to suspend common-sense, incredulity and a basic request for evidence must be a wonderful thing to detach yourself from reality. Then again, a herbal-intermission can also bring a detachment from realisty and it rarely results in being sexuality exploited. Sadly.

    3. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      RE: fuk me

      Heard of Christianity? It's the biggest spiritualist scam there is!

  2. Anonymous Coward


    While this is sleazy behavior that I don't condone, shouldn't there be penalties then for the guy in the bar that uses a fake business card showing that he's a doctor, director, whatever, and uses that lie to try and have sex with the gold-digging and gullible?

  3. Tim #3
    Paris Hilton


    Are you sure this story is genuine?

    Paris, cos she probably likes it up the Wong Mei-yin

  4. Mike Brown


    What is he being charged with? Miss X willingly had sex with this man, and then later had oral sex. It was her choice to believe that he was speaking the truth, instead of going to a qualified medical expert. If anything she should be charged with wasting police time, and him with practicing medicine without a licence.

    1. Anonymous Coward

      Case law confirms illegality since 19th Century

      It's all about informed consent, codified as long ago as the Sexual Offences Act 1956, if not earlier, updated subsequently

      The case law students used to study (possibly still do) was concerning the man who had a technique for improving young women's singing voices - can't remember the citation.

      Why anyone falls for any of this is not the problem. If they really thought that's what it's all about then they were not consenting. Simples.

      Anonymous because who wants to own up to knowing any of this?

  5. Anonymous Coward

    How perceptive of her

    "The penny dropped a month later when X read a news story about a prosecution for a similar deception"

    Sorry, but that is ridiculous!

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Miss X should be jailed for stupidity.

    How could anyone fall for that one?

  7. mark l 2 Silver badge

    some people are so gullable

    Some people are so dumb, but i dont really see what crime he has done. She consented to the sex and there is no proof that having sex with him has or hasn't solved the problem of 'ghost embryos'.

    guys use lines all the time to get women into bed, this is just taking it to the extreme.

  8. hyper_somniac


    Feeling ill with abdomnial pains after sex? Go see a F**king doctor! Don't have sex with another stranger!

    1. Marvin the Martian

      It's the scientific approach.

      If there's no pain, it's the boyf's fault; if there is, she has to go to the doctor.

  9. Anonymous Coward

    Lo Fuk-yee

    hey, you can't blame a man for trying to live up to his name!

    with that out of the way, I still can't believe that educated people still fall for this (presumably, she was a student at a school when them met)

  10. Richard Wharram


    There are laws against getting ladies to have sex with you by telling a few fibs ?

  11. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    when does a lie become an offence

    I generally agree with the sentiment that this is sleazy but shouldn't be illegal (in the UK, not HK). At what point does a white lie become "conning"? I am sure millions of people have used white lies to get other people into bed, many which are more believable than ghost embryo's. Does the lie have to be completely outrageous to warrant prosecution?

    1. Pablo

      The difference

      If a random guy says "Hey baby, I'm a doctor, wanna screw?", that's sleazy, but not illegal. But if he says "I'm a doctor and ohmygosh you've got phantasmaembryois. Come back to my place and I'll reach up there and fix it for free.", that crosses the line. The difference is he's lying about the purpose of the act itself, and that's what this guy did too. The fact that you'd have to be an idiot to believe it in this case is irrelevant. In California that would actually be considered rape, which IMHO may be extreme, but it's certainly not a "little white lie".

  12. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Just goes to show

    >His girlfriend Wong Mei-yin and prosecuting barrister Kenneth Wong Yiu-fai.

    Two Wongs don't make a Wight, unless he gets sent down then they will have.

  13. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up


    Some might so this guy is a fucking (apt word) genius!

  14. screaminfakah


    How stupid are these women. This gives the geeks of the world hope that they will one day get laid one way or another.

    1. Sarah Bee (Written by Reg staff)

      Re: Wow

      What a disturbing comment. Someone is bound to be taking notes and picking vulnerable women to have a go at. Brr.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Paris Hilton

        Someone ?

        Just one ?

        Shirley you jest.

      2. screaminfakah
        Paris Hilton

        Hey I am on your side

        I think it is disturbing. What I was saying is people who cant get a normal social life will firgure out a way to get some. Case in point!!

    2. Wallyb132

      These are the same women who...

      These are the same type of women who bought sheep thinking they were poodles, with intelligence at that level its a wonder this doesn't happen more often... i mean seriously...

      Its doubtful geeks will take advantage of this situation due to lack of experience, their pray will become wise to them when they start tripping over their tongue and drooling everywhere. however i do see rapid growth in the catholic church's presence in HK in the near future, catholic priests the world over are packing their bags as we speak, thinking to themselves that if the girls are this dumb the boys cant be much smarter...

  15. Asiren

    Surely the question that needs to be asked

    is, did it work? does she still feel uncomfortable sleeping with her bf?

    Grenade, because of the roll-over text.

    1. John H Woods Silver badge

      Hey ...

      ... I never realised there was rollover text. Thanks!

  16. paulf

    His girlfriend Wong Mei-yin

    Does that mean that Lo Fuk-yee* didn't so much meet Miss Right, as Miss Wong?

    Yes, I think that's my coat there, thank you.

    *yes I can't believe it either - classic!

  17. Graham Bartlett


    People already do. And vulnerable men too - false allegations of abuse are enough to put a serious dent in a teacher's career, for instance. Or there's the uni student a few years ago, where he and a female student both got drunk and ended up in bed together - next day she decides it was a mistake, claims she was raped (in spite of admitting she can't actually remember what happened), and the uni offers to stop it being reported to the police if he'll quit uni and basically burn all his future prospects. This lad actually had to go to the police himself and force criminal proceedings to be started against himself, so he could get exonerated in court.

    Don't get me wrong, abuse is vile and *must* be punished. The CPS's refusal to take rape seriously is a disgrace. But adults consensually doing something stupid that they regret later is not abuse - it's called "learning from your mistakes". It sucks, but it happens. And if stories like this have any purpose, or other schadenfreude stuff like the Darwin Awards for that matter, then it's getting people to learn from other people's mistakes so they don't do it themselves.

    1. Sarah Bee (Written by Reg staff)

      Re: @Moderatrix

      Of course. But this stuff is coercion, which is a slightly different kettle of fuckery.

      1. HFoster
        Thumb Up

        Kettle of fuckery

        I hereby demand a Kettle of Fuckery icon.

        1. david wilson


          >>"I hereby demand a Kettle of Fuckery icon."

          There might be some copyright issues there.

          I understand it's the name chosen for a new range of downmarket bistros by Gordon Ramsay.

          1. HFoster


            I think a few people would be saying Fuk-Mee when they saw the food!

      2. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        RE: Re: @Moderatrix

        "But this stuff is coercion"

        It is coercion, no-one can deny it. There are levels of coercion though...

        He didn't try to con her out of any money (or did he?) The Church has that market tied up in Europe - one of the reasons that the Pope lives in a Palace the size of a city.

        I don't see him ever giving it up to help the needy (like Jesus would have). Who is the biggest con-man - someone who gets a shag and a BJ or someone who gets to live a life of luxury in exchange for helping brianwash the ignorant and (who could forget) waving from a balcony every so often...?

        I think she got off lightly, some people take this spiritualist nonsense far too seriously. Some even follow it doggedly to the grave, despite its many self contradictions and historical inaccuracies!

  18. LinkOfHyrule


    My name is Prince Fuk-Mee-Yee and I would like to informz you that your BANK ACCOUNTS have ""GHOST MONIES"" in them!

    Please let me exorcise your banks accountz of the GHOST MONIES. Your accounts have £200,000 (TWO_HUNDRED-THOUSAND US DOLLA POUNDS) of ghost monies you should let me exorcise for yous.

    Please send account numbers, sort codes, passwordz and a naked picture to this email address.

  19. John H Woods Silver badge

    Deception to get sex...

    ... is perfectly legal in the UK *unless* the sexual act is presented as a non-sexual act. So, it is not sexual assault if you get it by pretending to be a millionaire rock star - or even by offering to pay and then doing a runner. But it *is* sexual assualt if you pretend that the act has no sexual purpose - like medical treatment - as in this case.

    A UK doctor therefore commits an offence if he inserts something during the course of an examination that is actually for his sexual gratification - but not if he gets consent by claiming to be a top plastic surgeon who is going to give his conquest a free tummy tuck.

    So advice for geeks: "I'll fix your computer and give you free support for a year" is perfectly ok, even if you don't follow through; whereas "THIS will fix your computer" is a crime. HTH.

  20. Joe User

    Wrong voodoo master

    Instead of Lo Fuk-yee, she should have went to No Fuk-yu instead.

  21. Bucky 2

    How can it be fraud?

    I defy anyone to prove that he DIDN'T banish ghost embryos from that woman.

    Indeed, given my vasty expertise in the matter of embryonic ghostly possession, together with the what seems should be effective exorcism rituals, I'm willing to bet that you would be completely unable to detect ANY ghost embryos possessing that woman at this point.

    Innocent until proven guilty.

  22. david wilson


    I guess it's at a rather different level from someone pretending to be more successful than they are in order to get a one-night-stand, since a lot of the time the 'victim' of that latter practice will suspect more or less strongly that they're being spun a line, but will willingly suspend their disbelief in the interests of a good temporary fantasy.

    However, it does raise some rather interesting points.

    Is it legally fair to consider someone's religious/spiritual belief as a kind of mental disability or vulnerability while also legally tolerating the promotion of some or all religions?

    If someone can effectively say (or have said for them) that they're not fully responsible due to their beliefs when it comes to being the victim of a crime, can they do the same if they're the perpetrator?

    What if the guy actually believes or claims to believe that there are ghost embryos and that he can cure them?

    Just because he might have something to gain by believing that doesn't mean he can't believe it - were that the case one would have to conclude that all clergy were actually lying nonbelievers.

    In the absence of more information (like evidence he was boasting about fooling someone) is it reasonable to say that he can't possibly be daft enough to believe his explanation yet be perfectly reasonable to say that the victim is daft enough to believe it?

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