back to article StorageCraft promises two minute server image resurrection

StorageCraft has promised its ShadowProtect backup product can have a server image booted as a virtual machine in two minutes from a backup set if the server crashes. The technology is called VirtualBoot and involves right-clicking a backup image and selecting the VirtualBoot option to have the backup image boot as a virtual …


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  1. robert 15

    been using it for ages

    My work has been using this for ages.. Its great.. The HIR function is great, lets you migrate from one hardware architecture to another with ease.. The new Exchange component looked good to at the conference I was at recently. Highly recommended



    This product is amazing. Wouldn't use anything else. Implemented it across hundreds of sites now and it's saved more that a few people's rear-ends. Backups every 15 minutes, you can virtual boot the backup images or even have a standby machine running a delayed restore job say every 1/2 hour or so as a hot standby.. AND replicate over the internet, using a standard conenction, to a DR site.

    Symantec licensed their engine for Symantec Livestate Recovery / BackupExec System Recovery, but isn't as feature rich as the ShadowProtect suite.

    2 thumbs up!

    The new exchange product (OEM of Kroll) is pretty good, but Nucleus Exchange Recovery does a faster and better job for 1/3 the price.

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