back to article SoftBank punts free ADSL for femtocell folk

Free ADSL and a free femtocell, but you still have to pay for mobile calls: Japanese punters now have a new business model from SoftBank Mobile. Rather than offer better coverage, or discounted calls, SoftBank Mobile is turning the femtocell business around by offering free ADSL to anyone who'll extend the operator's coverage …


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  1. Lionel Baden

    nice idea

    But rather than pay for the internet, i rekon they should just give you 30£ off your bill each month and allow all phones to go through your broadband.

    I need one and i have been waiting months for a femto cell from vodafone !!!

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    I'd take it.

    I call very little, but am sadly addicted to 24/7 connectivity. Then again, not about to move to Japan to get big internet there.

    1. Jim Bob

      Internet not so big in Japan

      While local loop is fast, accessing the rest of the world is not so much. Some quick measurements from Tokyo ( give 90/60Mbps local loop but 2.7/0.4Mbps to London. Not an exhaustive test by any stretch but pretty indicative.

  3. Andy 70


    funny how mobile broadband on 3G was supposed to let us relinquish our copper wires, but instead it ends up relying on the very subsystem it was advertised to be better than.

  4. AndyCapp
    Thumb Down

    LTE doesn't work like that!

    Having a bunch of OFDM (whether LTE or WiMax) femtocells is a terrible idea!

    OFDM uses a bunch of narrow band carriers for data transport. These carriers must be allocated between transmitting sites so as not to have interference among the different transmitters, be those transmitters the base station, femtocell, or mobile. The carrier allocation needs to be under the control of the area SoftBank (for example) infrastructure - that means much more control channel traffic to/from the femtocells, base stations, and mobiles, and extra computing power for the allocation algorithm to deal with the new femtocells!

    This could all go horribly wrong. With cdma it works easily, with OFDM, NOT!

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