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The Sony Vaio L series of all-in-one touchscreen PCs launched last year, now has some new additions. The Vaio L13, L11 and L12 models share the same basic features including a 24in 1920 x 1080 multi-touch glossy screen, 4GB RAM and 64-bit Windows 7 Home Premium. Sony Vaio L13 Touch and go: Sony's Vaio L13 The L11 model …


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  1. David Lucke
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    Desktop Touchscreen - Why?

    I don't see the point of a touchscreen on a desktop pc. For text entry, a real physical keyboard beats a touchscreen handsdown; for gui manipulation, and I say this as a dedicated iPhone user, a mouse is far superior, because of its greater flexibility provided by separating pointer location and button press, and by the provision of multiple types of presses (right button vs left). Multi touch goes some way towards compensating for this but the mouse is still significantly better.

    The reason touch screens have been so successful recently is that they have been implemented in situations where keyboards and mice are impractical or result in poor tradeoffs. A phone with a physical keyboard must be much bulkier, or must have a very small and hard to use key selection, or must force the reduction in other compenents (screen, battery), or all of the above. A mouse simply isn't practical without a surface to use it on, and mobile hardware needs to be in one piece, rather than multiple pieces that can get separated and lost (hence styluses being not so great either). None of these situations apply to a desktop pc, and sure enough, the pc comes with mouse and keyboard that work far better than the pointless touchscreen, which remains simply a pointless gimmick.

  2. Dale 3


    Multitouch and high-gloss screen? Unfortunate combination.

    At least if it gets nicked there will be plenty of fingerprints.

  3. Mr Mark V Thomas

    Vaio L series Pricing

    Re: L12-M pricing

    It seems that the L-12M1 is now being discounted, as John Lewis & P.C World are now offering the M1 for £999 including VAT (John Lewis are offering a free 2 year warranty) , which the L11 Model somewhat obsolete, cost wise...

    So given that the L13 is a slightly upgraded L12, is there a L13-S1 variant on the horizon...?

    As for David Lucke's comment, the L12-M1 does come with a wireless keyboard & mouse, but I'm not sure about the S1...

  4. Anonymous Coward
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    For around the same price you can grab the VPCL13S1E/S with 8GB of memory and 1TB hdd, tv tuner etc. I've used these things before and they're brilliant. I'll hopefully get one soon. The only complaint that I'd have would be that the multi touch screen isn't quite as good as it should be.

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