back to article White Space delivers green tech to Sierra Nevada Mountains

Spectrum Bridge has been busy working out how to use the white spaces between the TV channels, while the FCC continues dithering over who gets to run the database of such channels. The latest deployment put in by Spectrum Bridge connects up electricity sub-stations around the Sierra Nevada Mountains, allowing remote monitoring …


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  1. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

    SMARTer Sleeper Cells have Alien Memes?

    Methinks that very smart video is worthy of a Nokia Advanced Research Center moniker.

    The Supply of Prime and Novel Content is Key to Control of Power and Progress and that is an Intelligence Game in which ITs Players make Best Beta Use of every Toy and Technological Advantage to Create a Reality which Leads Virtually ........ which would also be as if by Artificial Intelligence Means.

    Are Nokia into Steganographic Supply of SMARTer Stealthy Services which Practically also Virtually Edutain ?

    Such would certainly render a Google or/and an Apple or/and a Microsoft as Accessories and Slave Units to their MasterPilot Vehicle.

    And all that they, or anybody else for that matter, require to succeed in that Field is to show that they have the necessary cojones to engage with those in the Field who do and have and who would share.

    PS. The Joke Alert is a red herring misdirect to disguise the true nature of the above available Program and Project?

This topic is closed for new posts.

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