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An elderly lady attended a public lecture given by an astrophysicist on how the Earth goes around the Sun and how the Sun circles about with countless other stars in the Milky Way. During the question and answer session, the woman stood up and told the distinguished scientist that his lecture was nonsense, that the Earth is a …


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  1. Dirk Koopman

    It's not just a turtle

    The scientist was right. Obviously a flat disc would topple off the tortoise/turtle (some ambiguity there) so you need some kind of filler between the chelonian and the disc.

    I know - let's use four elephants. Scaled up to be in proportion to the turtle, they will be big enough and they will absorb the motion of the turtle manoeuvring around the hazards of space etc.

    Er.. hang on, hasn't this been thought of before? And more than once?

  2. LeanITmanager

    Service consumption (not delivery) as a core capability


    There may be a distinct danger that the only people who understand recursion (all the way down) will have to be born before ’58 (Algol’s bird year) or at least before ‘68 (the Algol refresh). During computer science class my kids today learn how to type in word or powerpoint (I am not kidding).

    Now the Achilles heel of OO always was that everyone wanted to build and nobody wanted to consume. The good news is that the core capability of today’s youngsters is consumption (as we just saw, an essential skill for successful IT going forward , see also

    Too bad today’s standard for IT Service Management (ITIL V3.0) has taken the eye of the consumption ball somewhat and is unlike 1.0 and 2.0 focused almost exclusively on service providers nor service consumers. While the cloud will mean that for the average organization the management of service consumption will be way more important than managing service delivery.

    The SMI (Service Measurement Index) as initiated by CA technologies and endorsed by Carnegie Mellon looks like a good first step (just like consumers/buyers of a new TV set , first look up what other consumers found, so should organizations about to consume a new service check out what other organization found of this service. Guess for cloud “reuse” is just as important as it was for OO and thus SOA. So we better hope “reuse” does better this time?

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