back to article SAP hit by competition complaint

German software company SAP has been hit by a competition complaint from a company which previously won a $139m patent infringement case against it. Versata Software has complained to the European Competition Commission, alleging that SAP illegally excluded it from selling to three quarters of SAP's customer base by …


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  1. Aristotles slow and dimwitted horse

    Not surpsrised

    SAP are under an awful lot of pressure and any excuses to make their own awful (from an end users perspective anyway) software better would not be missed.

    On the other hand "waaaaaaahhhhhh" for Versata. Perhaps they could spend billions developing their own ERP system.

  2. dogged

    SAP need a miss-selling suit

    They've promised efficiency to millions of companies who ended up either reworking their entire business model to fit alongside SAP or (more commonly) running all their old systems alongside SAP and just copying stuff over by hand.

    The sheer amount of billions that this one product has utterly wasted really makes you wonder what kind of incentives SAP salesmen are offering to execs. What is it? Shares? Supermodel hookers?

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