back to article Gateway DS50 Core i3 desktop PC

The main reason for wanting a compact PC is lack of room on or under a desk. The Gateway DS50 is not SFF in the Asus EeePC terms, but in the sense of something roughly half the volume of a midi-tower. It still has room for a full-height DVD rewriter, a 3.5in hard drive inside the case, an internal power supply and a 95mm cooler …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    The 1970's are calling....

    and they want their design teams back.

    This is one ugly bit of kit.

  2. ml100

    Gateway? You mean Acer!

    Isnt it funny they still call it Gateway when you can clearly see acer branding on the motherboard.

    When you buy a company and youre number 2 in the world why not let everyone know?

    1. ironballz


      Well when your name is Acer you too might want to go under a different guise. Acer has the worst engineers and customer service of any company I have ever dealt with.

  3. Ian McNee

    Nostalgic Desktop...

    Nice to see on the benchmarking on page 2 that the Gateway has more "Memories" than the older Dell and Fujitsu! Impressive accumulation of recollections in such a new machine!

  4. DS 1

    Gateway sucks

    Previously, they pulled out of the UK and left all of their customers totally in the crapper, even to the extent of removing support inc drivers and downloads from their website.

    Never ever going to touch GW again, and I strongly suggest others don't either. Companies with bad ethics don't deserver to get anyone's business

    1. Drewc (Written by Reg staff) Gold badge

      Re: Gateway sucks

      Different owners now - Acer bought the company.

  5. David McMahon
    Thumb Up

    Re-Branded Acer

    Set up the Acer equivalent a while back for someone. I quite liked it esp the 4 front USB ports, nicely spaced, details make the Machine! :)

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