back to article Oracle adds Fibre Channel to 7000

Oracle has updated Sun's ZFS-using 7000 unified storage system, adding Fibre Channel connectivity and doubling its capacity. The Sun 7000 was Sun's last independent storage product and has turned out to be a winner with its hybrid flash and hard drive storage pools, DTrace analytics software, and ZFS file system with its …


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  1. David Halko


    There is just nothing like it on the market - robust features, tremendous capacity, low cost per Terabyte, extreme performance, and analytics unsurpassed by any industry player!

    1. rch
      Jobs Halo


      And now with *drumroll* FC support.

      (SUN fanboy audience in a hysteric state of euphoria.)

      Steve Jobs, because...well you know

      1. Kebabbert

        Fast enough

        without FC.

        Even before, it did >2-3GB/sec and 100.000 IOPS, on a 40 GBit NIC. That is close to theoretical maximum. FC is not really needed, it is just another way of connection.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down

    All Well and Good!!!

    ....but its a pity that Oracle dont pull their finger out and get the right levels of support pricing and the OPN contracts signed before all the resellers drift of and sell other vendors products elsewhere.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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