back to article iPhone consumed by solar 'death ray'

An enterprising solar-energy enthusiast has discovered how an iPhone reacts to what he calls a "65-inch death ray". As this video demonstrates, the iPhone's audio capabilities hold up well under the fresnel lens–focused attack, even as the Jobsian handheld itself is consumed in flame: For reasons not fully understood by …


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  1. screaminfakah
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    Best use for a cell phone I have ever seen!!

  2. Jason Yau
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    will still say it is water damage

  3. Wrenchy

    Warranty return?

    Mr Jobs, there appears to be something wrong with my iPhone.

  4. Anonymous Coward
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    whats wrong with my phone?

    You are just holding it wrong!

    1. hplasm


      Try holding it out of the light... see -now your cuff is alight too. Never mind. Can you still get 999/911 service? You can- good; Carry on.

  5. Anonymous Coward


    Not all that interesting to watch - I've seen better destruction of everyday items - and I can't help thinking that the monetary value of the phone alone would have paid for a well for clean drinking water for an entire village in Africa.

    And that's before you get on to the environmental impact actually making the phone caused. At least if it was used and had a long and useful life you could say it might have been worth digging up all the raw materials, refining them, using power to run the factory to make it, etc, etc.

    1. Ian Michael Gumby


      Its nice that you can point out the waste of the raw materials and environmental impact of building the phone.

      But what about the environmental impact of destroying the phone by fire?

    2. Witty username
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      Fun's over

      Ok guys n girls, funs over, captain planet has arrived to tell us how much misery we are causing the rest of the world via this selfish act of...erm..incinerating an ifad?

      1. Anonymous Coward

        RE: Fun's over

        In case you haven't noticed, disposing of a phone in this way is illegal in certain countries.

        There's a reason for that.

        Not to mention the fact that a working phone could be sold, given away or sent to charity. Charities round my way are always looking for unwanted mobiles - they send them to Africa where there are no land lines and try to ensure that every village can call on doctors/police etc when needed.

        So stop being a dickhead.

        1. Cameron Colley

          @Those wanting something useful done.

          For fuck's sake lighten up!

          Considering some cock-ends are presently filling the oceans with tons of crude oil and the governments of the world are doing fuck all about it, and the fact that the amount of money spent by the UK and US on killing people for no reason in Afghanistan could pay for a fuck of a lot of aid in Africa (assuming that some twat doesn't steal it like they do the majority of aid meant for the poor), I think that bleating on about one fucking phone being destroyed for a bit of a laugh is a little silly.

          Hell, it's not like everyone is going to do this -- but plenty of people want to see it. So, perhaps, this person is doing us all a favour by disseminating this film so we don't have to waste any more phones?

        2. Witty username

          RE: Fun's over

          And you' d reccomend a battery hungry smartphone for this? Try aiming your gallant crusade at the people spending said countries money on guns rather than food and development, rather than at a couple of people blowing up a phone if you're looking for a scapegoat for all lifes issues.

  6. paulc
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    will it blend?

  7. Gangsta



  8. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    the disorder-order transition

    is not so much fun though. that's why I don't bother with tidying up.

  9. Kelticfox


    Does this void the warranty?

  10. Anonymous Coward

    A clear cut case of...

    tiny willies attempting to demonstrate the opposite.

    1. Neil 51

      I assume... mean iPhone owners?

  11. Ken Hagan Gold badge

    Social scientists? Journalists, more like!

    "For reasons not fully understood by social scientists, iPhones inspire creative destruction"

    I imagine social scientists are well aware of the reason, since statistics is their bread and butter. But anyway...

    Videos where a fully functional device is destroyed just for the hell of it tend to be made by idiots with too much money. iPhones are over-priced, so they tend to be owned by idiots with too much money. Therefore, iPhones are statistically more likely to feature in such videos than you might expect if you were expecting people to be sensible and use cheap devices, or if you were expecting people to be random and use widely available devices.

  12. screaminfakah

    Come on

    Cell phones are the biggest waiste of natural resources there is and very dangerous now that people text each other. All it is is a fad that will die out like the beeper that all the followers loved and tried to show off. Really... Who needs that constant communication other than the 5% of people who use them for business.

    I truely believe that they will be the end of the institute of marriage considering that everyone has an easy way to cheat now. Got to love tech waisted!!

  13. PsychicMonkey

    I've heard

    DARPA are interested in the death ray though.

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